Tutor Resources

Become a Bearcat Buddy

All Bearcat Buddies must attend training before they begin tutoring. Most tutors will also recieve additional information, on-site orientation, and training during their first tutoring session. All tutors are required to complete general training requirements and may also be required to attend a team training session led by their Lead Tutor.

Every tutor must complete a background check and volunteer agreement prior to tutoring. Volunteer agreements are completed during the registration process. For reference, active and perspective tutors can view a copy of the volunteer agreement here: Bearcat Buddies Agreement

All tutors are required to complete a local background check. Background check forms will be distributed to all tutors in person or via email. If you have previously completed a background check that is valid through the remainder of the semester during which you are tutoring, you may be excused from completing a background check.

New Tutors: What to Expect

Most tutors' first visit to their school will include an overview of the tutoring program in that school. This will help you get a feel for your tutoring assignment, the school, the students, and make a connection to the GRAD Cincinnati staff person or other program support staff in your building who can answer any questions you may have. First sessions generally include a brief orientation to the school building.

Your first full tutoring session will most likely be on your second visit to your school. This first tutoring session will involve getting to know your student, building a relationship, and setting mutual expectations. 

Service Hours

Tutors may receive 0.5-2 hours of off-campus community service credit for most tutoring sessions unless otherwise indicated. Most semesters will include at least 10 sessions, but holidays and other calendar irregularities may decrease the number of possible sessions.

If you are tutoring at a school where transportation is provided, the CCE will track service hours throughout the semester via volunteer.uc.edu. Program staff will award your hours throughout the semester, there is no need to submit your own hours for Bearcat Buddies weekly tutoring sessions. If you are tutoring at a school where you are responsible for your own transportation, the school liaison is responsible for approving your hours. These hours will be submitted electronically to the Scholarship and Student Financial Aid Center and Ethnic Programs and Services offices. Students with the Cincinnatus, Darwin T. Turner, UC Global, and Outreach scholarships will have their hours reported on their behalf. Students with other scholarships and course requirements should contact BearcatBuddies@uc.edu to make arrangements for any other reporting verification they may need.

Please note that should any of the items in the Bearcat Buddies Volunteer Agreement and Expectations policy document be violated, the CCE will not award community service hours. Appeals to the implementation of this policy will be considered on a case by case basis by the program support staff.

Tutor Tracking System

As noted in the volunteer agreement and expectations policy document, tutors may be asked to complete tutoring logs or other assessment tools. During face-to-face tutoring, paper tutoring logs are kept in some school for the benefit of the immediate school faculty, staff, and specialists. During virtual tutoring, please follow the protocols outlined by your school representative and Lead Tutor regarding tracking.

Important Dates

*For planning purposes, you can take a look at the Cincinnati Public Schools academic calendar, which differs from UC's school calendar. CPS often has holidays on Mondays, so take that into consideration if you are a Monday tutor.

*During the week of CPS's spring break, students will be expected to attend a professional development training as an alternative to their tutoring session. 

Tutoring sessions may be canceled due to road conditions. While we hope unforeseen cancellations are minimized, sessions may be canceled in the interest of safety for students who may still be expected to travel to and from school buildings. Please check local news sources for information regarding school closings and delays.

  • If Cincinnati Public Schools are closed, tutoring will be canceled.
  • If the University of Cincinnati is closed, tutoring will be canceled.
  • If Cincinnati Public Schools are on a delay, tutoring will be canceled.