Social Change

Social Change at the University of Cincinnati is all about helping students to become inclusive leaders. 

Our primary Social Change programs and services include: 

  • RAPP: This is our flagship program. RAPP is a 7 month program that takes place on Wednesday evenings about twice per month, with optional field trips along the way. The primary outcome for the program is for participants to complete a group social change project of their choosing, based off of their shared values and interests. 
  • The Diversity Programming Fund: The Diversity Programming Fund supports programs that reflect the following values: personal and intellectual growth, community, learning, equity & inclusion, and integrity. Each organization is eligible to request funds up to $500 annually. 
  • Social Change and Leadership Resources: Includes resources on topics like: anti-racism, LGBTQ issues, feminist leadership, anti-poverty, and on-campus resources. 
  • Workshops and dialogues on issues concerning the intersections of social change, social justice, and inclusion. 

For more information on Social Change, please contact Keith Lanser at