Social Change

Social Change at the University of Cincinnati is helping students to become inclusive leaders who are able to create positive social change. 

Our primary Social Change programs and services include: 

  • RAPP: RAPP is a 7 month program that takes place on Wednesday evenings about twice per month, with optional field trips along the way. The primary outcome for the program is for participants to complete group social change projects of their choosing, based off of their shared values and interests. 
  • UC Votes: Aims to register students to vote, educate students on voting and issues, ensure ballot access, and turn out the student vote. 
  • The Diversity Programming Fund: The Diversity Programming Fund supports programs that reflect the following values: personal and intellectual growth, community, learning, equity & inclusion, and integrity. Each organization is eligible to request funds up to $500 annually. 
  • Trainings, workshops and dialogues on issues concerning the intersections of social change, social justice, and inclusion. 

Questions? Contact:

Headshot of Keith Lanser

Keith Lanser

Assistant Director, Center for Community Engagement

2639 Clifton Ave