About NCA

When students first come to this office, they tend to come in the spirit of exploration. We are here to guide that exploration and help demystify the world of prestigious fellowships. The exact role that NCA plays in a student’s fellowship journey can vary, especially by award type, but in general, we:

  • advise prospective candidates on how to develop into engaged scholars and citizens
  • educate students on the fellowship opportunities available to them
  • facilitate students’ self-assessment as they evaluate their own qualifications for and “fit” with various fellowship opportunities
  • offer writing workshops that focus on crafting effective personal statements and grant proposals
  • read and provide feedback on essay drafts
  • administer the internal interview and endorsement process for Core Awards

Even though each applicant is ultimately in charge of and responsible for their own application, we understand that the application process can appear daunting at the outset, which is why we are here to support you. The best thing you can do is get in touch with this office and start examining your options early.