Mandatory Fulbright Meeting for All 2021 Applicants

NCA is hosting a mandatory meeting via Webex on Wednesday, August 4 at 12-1:30 PM. If you are applying for a Fulbright grant this year through UC, you are expected to attend. We will be going over final steps for submitting by the campus deadline (August 20), including what all we need to have by that date. We will also be talking everyone through the campus review process (what to expect, how to prepare, etc.). This meeting helps ensure that everyone is on the same page, so please make it a priority to attend. Pllease email nca@uc.edu to obtain the WebEx link.

Please note that August 4 is also our Intent-to-Apply deadline: this is the latest date by which you can notify us that you are applying and still expect to be accommodated by the campus review process. 


Fulbright Week- April 5-9, 2021


Intro to Fulbright
    Monday, April 5 @ 12:30pm
    Tuesday, April 6 @ 12:30pm
An overview of the various grant types, how to select a country, and the application process. For students new to Fulbright.

English Teaching Assistantship (ETA)*
    Monday, April 5 @ 2:30pm
    Tuesday, April 6 @ 4:30pm

Study/Research (S/R)*
    Monday, April 5 @ 3:45pm
    Tuesday, April 6 @ 2:00pm

Study/Research (S/R) - For Arts Applicants*
    Wednesday, April 7 @ 4:30pm
*A deep dive into each grant type and its respective application. For students who already know which grant type they want.

Whether you are applying for an ETA or for a Study/Research grant to support independent research, an arts project, or graduate study, it is essential that you craft a strong grant proposal. These sessions will address what should go into that document and review samples from recent Fulbright applications.
Statement of Grant Purpose: ETA
    Wednesday, April 7 @ 1:30pm

Statement of Grant Purpose: S/R (Research & Arts Applicants)
    Thursday, April 8 @ 2:00pm

Statement of Grant Purpose: S/R (Graduate Study Applicants)
    Thursday, April 8 @ 4:15pm

Teaching English Abroad: What to Expect
    Thursday, April 8 @ 12:30pm
Learn more about what to expect when teaching English abroad, as well as tips, tricks, and strategies for being an effective teaching assistant. Session led by Dr. Joy Xiao, Director of the Center for English as a Second Language.

Fulbright Meet-and-Greet
    Friday, April 9 @ 12:15pm
This year’s Fulbright semi-finalists will share their experience as applicants, offer advice, and answer questions.

Click here to access the recording of these Fulbright Week sessions.