Fulbright UK Summer Institutes

The Fulbright UK Summer Institutes are three or four week programs for US undergraduate students. Participants can explore the culture, heritage and history of the UK while experiencing higher education at a UK university. There are several UK Summer Institutes available every year. Each Institute is hosted by a different university, and each focuses on a specific historical or cultural context, or a subject or topic. You do not need to be familiar with these to apply and are encouraged to explore your interests.

This award does not require university endorsement. However, we strongly recommend that you work closely with NCA as you prepare your application.


Application Opens: November 14, 2023
National Deadline: February 1, 2024

Depending on the Institute, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Study alongside leading academics and professionals
  • Develop knowledge in specific fields
  • Experience cultural and social events
  • Visit UK cultural sites and areas of scenic beauty
  • Receive credit to transfer to their home institution
  • Meet people from different backgrounds and cultures
  • Become an ambassador for studying in the UK, for the Fulbright Commission and their host institution(s)

The Institute costs covered by the Fulbright Commission and its partner institutions include:

  • Roundtrip US-UK airfare
  • Tuition and fees at the host institution
  • Accommodation
  • In some cases, a small daily allowance for meals

Institutes offered in the Summer 2024 cycle:

  • The Fulbright University of Exeter Summer Institute on Global Sustainability is aimed at bringing students who are passionate about sustainability and protecting the future of our planet together within the Fulbright programme and joining a wider global audience on their Sustainability Summer Programme. 
  • The Fulbright Queen’s University Belfast Summer Institute 'Understanding Northern Ireland' offers international students a three-week introduction to the rich tapestry of historical, cultural, political, environmental, and socio-economic factors that combine to make Northern Ireland a unique place. This experiential programme will situate Queen’s, Belfast, and the north of Ireland within the key conversations that shape our wider world. 
  • The Fulbright University of Bristol Arts, Activisim and Social Justice Institute is a three-week cultural and academic programme, exploring the intersection of Arts, Activism and Social Justice. Having won the 2015 European Green Capital Award, Bristol has a vibrant culture of arts and grassroots activism, and a rich history that includes radical and progressive traditions, and diverse communities.
  • The Fulbright University of Bristol Black Humanities Institute is a three-week cultural and academic programme, inviting students to examine the histories, creative production and intellectual legacies of Africa and its diasporas that weave through contemporary debates around race and the humanities.
  • The Fulbright Scotland Summer Institute on Technology, Innovation and Creativity is a three-week academic and cultural programme for US students, hosted by the Glasgow School of Art and the University of Strathclyde. Through lectures, seminars and study visits, participants will learn about the development of Scotland as a technological nation and an innovative and creative society.
  • The Fulbright Aberystwyth University Summer Institute is a three-week cultural and academic programme focusing on the theme ‘Identity and Nationhood through the lens of Wales’, at a critical juncture in the politics of Wales, the UK and wider Europe. 
  • The Fulbright University of St. Andrews Summer Instititue is is a three-week cultural and academic programme focusing on the theme Scotland's History: Kingdom, Nation, People. From the making of the kingdom and the development of its identity as one of the nations of Europe, Scotland has retained a strong and changing sense of its past both as an independent state and as part of the United Kingdom. This course examines Scotland’s rich history via the close study of some of the key aspects of the country’s past.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply, you must:

  • Be a US citizen and possess a US passport
  • Have had little or no study/travel outside of the US or North America
    • Applicants who have spent more than four weeks outside of the US/North America in the last five years would not be eligible. Applicants who have spent up to four weeks outside the US/North America in the last five years may be at a disadvantage, but strong applications will be considered.
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.7
  • Be at least 18 years old by the start of the programme
  • Be able to participate in the programme in its entirety
  • Have at least two years of undergraduate study remaining after the Institute finishes

Please refer to the UK Summer Institutes website for a more detailed list of the eligibility criteria.

Selection Criteria

The best applications are from well-rounded students who can demonstrate: 

  • Strong academic ability
  • Ambassadorial skills
  • Intercultural sensitivity
  • Genuine desire to learn more about the UK and to share aspects of American culture
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Community involvement
  • Leadership potential
  • Plans to further the Fulbright mission and give back to the US upon returning
  • Official transcripts
  • Short-answer essays (2)
  • Personal Statement
  • Current Affairs essay
  • Recommendations (2)
  • In the fall, attend an NCA Learning Series session on the Fulbright UK Summer Institutes
  • Complete two NCA forms:
  • Launch your online application (application opens in November)
  • NCA is available to provide feedback on essays.
  • We are happy to obtain official transcripts free of charge for any student who requests one from us no later than two weeks prior to the national deadline.
  • Complete and submit application by National Deadline: February 1, 2024
  • Start early and revise often. Though this is a direct-apply award with no campus endorsement process, NCA is happy to provide feedback on essays. The earlier you start, the more benefit you derive from the process.
  • Information on this page is intended to supplement, not supplant, your own careful review of the official UK Summer Institutes website. If you find any discrepancy between the two, the UK Summer Institutes website takes precedence.
  • Though you should seek out others’ advice and feedback on your application, the essays should be your original work (no one should be writing your essays for you). UC’s Student Code of Conduct applies.
  • Max Kemats - Scholar, Scotland Institute on Innovation, Creativity, and Technology, 2024
  • Morgan Dent - Scholar, Queen's University Belfast, 2020
  • Chloe Elleman - Scholar, Queen's University Belfast, 2019