Max Kemats

Max Kemats is a second-year student in the Lindner College of Business pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with minors in Public Health and a certificate in Innovation and Design Thinking. He is a NEXT Innovation Scholar (NIS), University Honors Program member, and a Cincinnatus recipient. Since entering NIS as a first-year student, Max has embraced a transdisciplinary approach to his education fueled by experiential learning experiences.

During his time in NIS, Max has been able to develop a skill set and passion for human-centered design, innovation strategy, and strategic foresight. Over the past two years, he has had the opportunity to consult one of the world’s largest beverage manufacturers, facilitate innovation workshops for over 300 individuals, and take a lead role on the inaugural Future Creators report. In October of 2023, Max was launched as a University Innovation Fellow by the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University. Through this yearlong fellowship, Max has been able to strengthen his design thinking skills and spearhead a project that is aimed at enabling more innovation at UC.

Max’s past projects reflect his diverse interests, from launching a streetwear brand and music label to publishing a magazine and being the creative lead for a political campaign. After graduation, Max aspires to continue his work in the innovation field, tackling the world’s most ambiguous problems.