2022-23 Award Winners

Headshot of Saba Rehman

Saba Rehman

Saba Rehman is a second year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Political Science, a minor in Arabic Language and Culture, with a certificate in Legal Studies. She is a recipient of the Critical Language Scholarship in Arabic.

2022–23 Award Finalists

Headshot of Kabelo Chirwa

Kabelo Chirwa

Kabelo Chirwa is a graduate assistant and PhD candidate and Albert C. Yates fellow in the musicology program at CCM. He is a semi-finalist for the Fulbright Study/Research grant in Nigeria.

Headshot of Jane Cox

Jane Cox

Jane Cox, a Louisville, Kentucky native, graduated in 2021 with a degree in speech language and hearing sciences with a minor in Spanish. She is a semi-finalist for Fulbright ETA Grant in Brazil.

Headshot of Adam Elzarka

Adam Elzarka

Adam Elzarka is a fourth-year student double majoring in Medical Sciences and Liberal Arts with concentrations in Arabic, Philosophy, and Psychology. He is a sem-finalist for Fulbright Study/Research Jordan.

Headshot of Anna Guan

Anna Guan

Anna Guan is a graduate student at the UC College of Medicine’s Special Master’s Program in Physiology. She completed her Peace Corps service in Senegal, West Africa, and is a semi-finalist for the Fulbright-Garcia Robles Study/Resea grant in Mexico.

Headshot of Ria Parikh

Ria Parikh

Ria Parikh is a 4th year Neuroscience and English major, with minors in Psychology and Medical Sciences and a certificate in Medical Humanities. She is a semi-finalist for the Fulbright-Imperial College London Award.

Headshot of Lily Stewart

Lily Stewart

Lily Stewart is a fourth-year student pursuing a major in English, minor in Biology, and certificate in Medical Humanities. She is a semi-finalist for the Fulbright ETA grant in Montenegro.

Headshot of Lily Stiefel

Lily Stiefel

Lily Stiefel is a fourth-year student pursuing a BA in Asian Studies with minors in English and Marketing, and a certificate in Japanese Language and Culture. She is a finalist for the Japanese Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program

Headshot of Erin Tedtman

Erin Tedtman

Erin Tedtman is a senior honors student pursuing BAs in International Affairs and Political Science. She is a semi-finalist for the Fulbright-University of Turku Graduate Award grant in Finland.