Core Awards

This is a list of the core awards the NCA office assists with, however this list is not exhaustive. All the awards are for U.S. Citizens unless otherwise stated.

To learn more about what awards might be a good fit for you, email to schedule an Intro to Fellowships session.

Cultural exchange program that provides grants to enable recent graduates and graduate students the opportunity to spend an academic year teaching or carrying out research, independent study, creative projects, or graduate study worldwide.

Eligibility: Rising seniors, graduate students & recent alumni
Campus deadline: August 23, 2024
National deadline: October 8, 2024 @ 5PM ET

Provides research assistance to scholars working in programs run by Carnegie Endowment for International Peace—a non-partisan foreign-policy think tank with centers in Washington D.C., Moscow, Beirut, Beijing, Brussels, and New Delhi. Positions are paid, full-time positions for one year. 

Eligibility: Graduating seniors & recent alumni
Intent-to-Apply deadline: November 1, 2023
Campus deadline: December 1, 2023
National deadline: January 15, 2024

Undergraduate scholarships for students with outstanding academic and research potential who plan to pursue research-based PhDs and careers in STEM disciplines.

Eligibility: 2nd - 4th year students
Campus deadline: October 18, 2023
National deadline: January 26, 2024

Funds 1-2 years of graduate study at any university in the UK in any discipline; based on academic achievement, leadership potential, social commitment, and communication skills.

Eligibility: Graduating seniors & recent alumni
Campus deadline: July 29, 2024
National deadline: September 2024

Funds post-graduate study in any discipline in Ireland/Northern Ireland; based on academics, leadership, and sustained commitment to public/community service.

Please note: The Mitchell Scholarship is being suspended for the 2024-2025 cycle. There will therefore be no applications submitted this year. Please check back for updates if you are planning on applying in a future cylce. 

Eligibility: Graduating seniors & recent alumni
Campus deadline: July 2025*
National deadline: September 2025*

*pending updates from the Mitchell Scholarship Foundation

Funds graduate study in any discipline at Oxford University; based on academic excellence, leadership potential, and the will and ability to “fight the world’s fight."

Eligibility: Graduating seniors & recent alumni

  • Available for Non-U.S. Citizens

Campus deadline (US): July 29, 2024
National deadline (US): October 2024

Funding for graduate/professional school for students dedicated to becoming “change agents” through careers in public service; based on leadership, commitment to service, and academic promise.

Eligibility: 3rd year students
Campus deadline: November 8, 2023
National deadline: February 6, 2024

Undergraduate scholarships for students with the commitment and demonstrated leadership potential to make significant contributions in their careers to the environment.

Eligibility: 2nd - 4th year students
Campus deadline: February 1, 2024
National deadline: March 6, 2024