For Faculty

The Office of Nationally Competitve Awards seeks to identify and support students interested in a number of scholarships, grants and fellowships. Encouragement of faculty and staff is vital to students as they recognize and pursue their potential.

Our goal is to develop students into competitive applicants for these prestigious programs, and we hope to undertake this endevour with your support.

Identifying Exceptional Students

It is not necessary for you to know specifics regarding eligibility for awards or whether an award is a good fit for the student(s) you identify.  The Office of Nationally Competitive awards will contact students that you refer to encourage and advise them regarding their potential interest and suitability for any of these awards.   

In general, students who are competitive for distinguished scholarships:

  • hold outstanding academic records that would qualify them for admission into first-rate graduate programs at American or British universities;
  • engage in innovative projects, research, or public service initiatives that promise to further knowledge and transform lives;
  • display through their interactions an intellect and integrity of character that in combination demonstrate competence and inspire trust;
  • exhibit breadth of knowledge and interests beyond their intended career fields;
  • demonstrate potential ability to seize opportunities, deliver results, and serve as influential leaders wherever their careers eventually take them.

Writing Recommendation Letters

Recommendation letters are a vital part of a student's application, and as the process becomes more and more competitive, students rely on faculty and staff to write strong recommendations.

We and our students appreciate the time and effort if takes to write a recommendation letter, as it can often mean the difference between an accepted application and a denied application.

Please consider the following advice and guidance as you undertake this important responsibility: