Fulbright Boot Camp

Wednesdays, 12-1:30PM EST

One Wednesday in May, every Wednesday in June, one Wednesday in July

UC’s Fulbright Boot Camp is designed to create a cohort experience for Fulbright applicants. By the start of boot camp, participants should already have identified their grant type and country and completed an edited draft of their Statement of Grant Purpose. (If you are having trouble deciding, please schedule an NCA advising appointment in May to discuss your options.) The workshops and activities will create a friendly, collaborative environment that will enable you to prepare a compelling application that reflects who you are and your goals.


  • Workshops. You’ll receive expert advice from NCA on how to craft compelling essays, ranging from the personal statement to the short essays.
  • Community. The name may sound intense, but the Fulbright Boot Camp is a relaxed, supportive environment. You’ll get to know other students from different disciplines who are globally-minded and committed to cultural exchange.
  • Structure. One of the most challenging parts of the application can be getting started, and then structuring your time. The boot camp schedule will provide you with that structure, making it easier for you to launch your application and create momentum early on that will carry you through the rest of the summer.
  • Feedback. In addition to regular feedback from NCA, you’ll receive feedback from—and provide feedback to—your peers. NCA has detailed guides on how to give helpful feedback, so you’ll have plenty of instruction. Ideally, the relationships you build with your peers will provide you with support beyond June, as you continue to work on your application materials.
  • A strong CCE form. NCA helps draft your Campus Committee Evaluation form. By participating in the Fulbright Boot Camp, you give NCA staff the opportunity to see you in action as you contribute to a community of applicants and collaborate with peers. This helps us write a strong CCE form on your behalf.
  • For UHP Students: Participation in Fulbright Boot Camp, and completion and submission of a Fulbright application, counts as a pre-approved Honors experience.

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