Annah Saladonis

Annah Saladonis has graduated from UC in August of 2023 with a degree in Urban Studies and Spanish. She is passionate about law and social justice and is currently applying for law school. She has studied abroad in Querétaro, Mexico and Alicante, Spain and seeks to continue her immersive Spanish experiences by teaching English in Spain. Working with children, and especially tutoring them in Spanish has been one of the greatest joys throughout college. 

Annah has a few legal internships under her belt, including one from the Ohio Innocence Project and the Cincinnati Legal Aid Society. Her Urban Studies/Planning background has given her the tools to be invested in the Cincinnati community. She has served on the Commision for Women and Girls, and she has won the Director's Choice Award for her DAAPWorks Capstone on how a guaranteed basic income program in Cincinnati is a women's issue.