Carrie Vennefron

Carrie Vennefron is an aspiring data scientist and a passionate skater, currently pursuing a Master of Science in Business Analytics with a certificate in Data Science from the University of Cincinnati, set to graduate this spring. Her academic pursuit showcases her dedication to leveraging data to drive insightful decision-making and innovation.

Carrie's journey is marked by a unique blend of technical expertise and athletic prowess. As a Chemical Engineering graduate from the University of Cincinnati in 2020, she transitioned seamlessly into the tech world, gaining recognition as a Pega Certified System Architect at Segue Technologies. Her ability to synthesize complex data and engineering principles has positioned her as a rising star in the field of business analytics.

Beyond the confines of academia and professional work, Carrie is deeply committed to roller derby, serving as both a skater and the PR chair for the Gem City Roller Derby, the highest-ranked Women’s Flat Track Derby Association team in Ohio. Her role in the team extends beyond athletic participation, contributing significantly to their public relations and community outreach efforts. This involvement reflects her dynamic personality, combining strategic thinking, team collaboration, and physical agility.

Inextricably linking her academic, professional, and athletic endeavors, Carrie embodies a rare fusion of analytical intelligence and athletic discipline. Her upcoming graduation marks not just an academic achievement but a steppingstone towards a career where she can apply her diverse skills, from data science to team leadership and public engagement.