Truman Hutchinson

Truman Hutchinson is pursuing his Bachelor of History with a Minor in Asian Studies. Truman wants to work in Japan in the future to help bridge cross-cultural differences and foster English teaching in Japan.

Truman has focused his study of History on Japan. After discovering his love for Japanese history, he decided to study abroad at Nanzan University in Nagoya Japan to learn more about modern Japanese culture. After returning he wrote his capstone essay on Mori Arinori’s educational reform and its effects on Japanese culture. Truman is determined to go back to Japan to learn more about its people and history.

Truman is a recipient of the JET Program and will travel to Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher or ALT for short. During his time teaching Truman wants to engrain himself in the Japanese culture of the town he will be staying in. He wants to not only have a positive impact in the classroom but also in the community, fostering cross-cultural exchange to build a homogenous understanding between both cultures. In The future, Truman plans to write an academic essay or short book about a specific aspect of where he is staying, and possibly use this to help pursue his master’s degree in history or anthropology.

Truman was also the recipient of the Bandanes Scholarship and the UC International Study Abroad Scholarship.