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First-Year Experience

First Year Experience

We know that the experience students have during their first year of college sets the tone and foundation for their ongoing success.  That’s why we have developed our signature approach to helping you get the most out college.  First Year Experience at the University of Cincinnati spans the timeframe from your acceptance of our offer to attend UC through your return to classes in your second year. 

Your first year is the cornerstone upon which your university learning experience is built.  It is comprised of multiple experiences gained through your classes, hands-on and community-based projects, as well as co-curricular activities that are specially designed to introduce you to the types of learning activities and level of accomplishment that graduating students are expected to demonstrate.  

First- year experience at UC focuses on:

  • Integration of knowledge gained in courses, experiences, and student life
  • Habits of mind and interaction needed for success in the university
  • Exploring professional and civic responsibilities as an educated person
  • Engaging in UC’s diverse cultural life

Welcome to the Center for First Year Experience and Learning Communities!

Our new 2013-2014 Peer Leaders are wonderful! Thank you to all who applied. We are still filling some PL positions for the 2014-2015 year. Apply here.
Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do by Michael Sandel is the Common Reading book this year. Learn more.


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