President's Award for Excellence

The President's Award for Excellence is given at the discretion of the UC president to those who have made a significant contribution to the purposes and ideals of the university.


  1. The principal criterion for this award is that a significant contribution to the purposes and ideals of the university has resulted from the high quality of an individual’s endeavors. 

  2. For members of the academic community, either internal or external to the university, a significant contribution may be in education, research, or administrative service. The recipients should show excellence in their fields of endeavor which also contribute significantly to the mission and ideals of the university. 

  3. For members of the non-academic community, a significant contribution to the mission and ideals of the university may be through the excellence of their efforts either external or internal to the university. 

  4. Awards may be given at any time during an individual’s career, but they typically are not awarded posthumously or in absentia.

Submission of Nominations

Nomination procedures are described below. A preliminary proposal option has been adopted to encourage the submission of nominations and is intended to provide the opportunity of application without extensive documentation to initiative the review process. It is mandatory to submit a preliminary proposal.

Preliminary Proposal Procedure

The president will accept a letter of approximately 500 words detailing the individual’s achievements and the reasons why these achievements should be honored. A narrative biographical statement or CV must accompany the letter. The president will review the information and respond. Based on this preliminary assessment, if the president judges the candidate to be worthy of further consideration, the nominator will be requested to provide the documentation required for the Formal Nomination procedure.

Formal Nomination Procedure

The nomination letter must be accompanied by the following:

  1. A minimum of two well-documented letters detailing why the candidate deserves the award for excellence
  2. A full curriculum vitae
  3. A brief narrative biographical statement
  4. The current address and phone number of the nominee.

Submission Information

Nominations should be directed to:
Neville G. Pinto, President

Mailing address:
Office of the President
University of Cincinnati
P. O. Box 210063
Cincinnati, OH  45221-0063


By email: