President's Cabinet

Headshot of David Adams

David Adams

Chief Innovation Officer and CEO, 1819 Innovation Hub

Headshot of Robert F. Ambach

Robert F. Ambach

Senior Vice President, Administration and Finance

Headshot of John Cunningham

John Cunningham

Director, Athletics

Headshot of Valerio Ferme

Valerio Ferme

Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Headshot of Andy Filak

Andy Filak

Senior Vice President for Health Affairs and Dean of the College of Medicine

Headshot of Tamie Grunow

Tamie Grunow

Sr. Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Headshot of Eliot Isaac

Eliot Isaac

Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police

Headshot of Lawrence Johnson

Lawrence Johnson

Chair of the Council of Deans and Dean of the College of Education, Criminal Justice & Human Services

Headshot of Patrick Kowalski

Patrick Kowalski

Vice President, Finance

Headshot of Peter Landgren

Peter Landgren

Vice President, Advancement

Headshot of Patrick Limbach

Patrick Limbach

Vice President for Research

Headshot of Gregory Loving

Gregory Loving

Chair, Faculty & Faculty Senate

Headshot of Bleuzette Marshall

Bleuzette Marshall

Vice President for Equity, Inclusion and Community Impact

Headshot of Debra Merchant

Debra Merchant

Vice President for Student Affairs

Headshot of Heidi Pettyjohn

Heidi Pettyjohn

Chair, Staff Senate

Headshot of Lori Ross

Lori Ross

Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel

Headshot of Karen Ryan

Karen Ryan

Executive Director for Government Relations

Headshot of Isaac Smitherman

Isaac Smitherman

President, Undergraduate Student Government Association

Headshot of Dominique Tanner

Dominique Tanner

President, Graduate Student Government