Students eat and chat at a table in the dining center.

2020-21 Service

Yes. Both customers and staff will be required to wear a facial covering while inside a dining center. Customers who choose to dine-in are permitted to remove their facial covering while eating, however they must put it back on when finished eating. Dining Centers will have face masks available for purchase at the cashier stations for $2.

Food Services staff are incorporating safety guidelines and regulations from local, state, and federal agencies into our operations. Some examples of actions being taken are listed below.

  • Floor stickers will be in place to assist customers who are waiting in line to maintain social distancing.
  • Seating furniture has been rearranged to meet state and local guidelines. All tables are 8 feet apart, seating capacity is reduced to no more than 50%, and the maximum number of chairs permitted per table is 4.
  • Plexiglass has been installed at entryway and sneezeguards have been adjusted when possible to establish more barriers between staff and customers.
  • Students with meal plans tap their ID cards on the entryway card reader for a contactless swipe redemption process.
  • Additional hand sanitizer stations have been installed throughout our locations.
  • Self-serve cleaning stations will be available for student use. Students may opt to sanitize their table and chair prior to sitting down with the cleaning materials that are available throughout dining center locations.
  • All dining centers will now offer to-go for students who prefer to carry-out.
  • Additional cleaning and sanitizing protocols are in place to address high touch areas.
  • All self-serve items have been either transitioned to staff-served or eliminated.

Local Board of Health officials complete routine audits of our facilities on a regular basis to ensure compliance with state and local health guidelines.

Yes, students will still be permitted to use their guest swipes in dining centers this Fall. Students without a meal plan can use cash, credit or Bearcat Card to purchase a meal.

Dining is committed to providing a high-quality experience to the UC community this Fall.

We will continue to provide a variety of hot meal options at all of our dining center locations. Types of food include: grill, home-style, stir-fry, vegan/vegetarian, soup and salad, deli sandwiches, pizza and pasta, international dishes and more.

Complete menu and nutrition information will be available via our Campus Dish website.

Spring and summer semester meal plans are active on the first day of classes. 

If you purchase a meal plan after meal plan service has started, it may take up to 48 hours to load to your Bearcat Card.

The Basics

You can use your meal plan swipes at one of our four dining centers:

  • MarketPointe@Siddall
  • CenterCourt
  • StadiumView Café
  • On The Green (OTG)

In addition, for 2020-21, there is a carry-out only option at Mick & Mack’s Café, located in TUC on level 3.  Hot meal options as well as Grab & Go sandwiches and salads will be available.

Bleecker Street Café on the Blue Ash will continue to be available for meal swipes 2020-21.

Use your Bearcat Dollars at any available on-campus food location.

First Year Residential Students

First Year residential students are required to purchase the Unlimited Meal Plan and are not eligible to request a meal plan change. This requirement is included in the terms & conditions of the Housing Agreement. If you have questions about your plan, please contact us at UCFood@uc.edu.

If you are a first-year student with special circumstances that affect your use of the dining centers, you may be eligible to complete a petition request. Petitions to be released from the Meal Plan must be received by the Housing Office by the dates specified in the Housing Agreement to be considered for the following semesters. Release from the meal plan is considered for financial and dietary concerns. Dietary issues include medical or religious concerns. The Medical Documentation form included in the petition packet must be completed and submitted by your physician. Other release requests with appropriate documentation will be considered on an individual basis. 

Upper-class and Commuter Students

Students who are eligible to purchase a Campus Dining Pass plan and would like to request a change to their plan can complete the meal plan change request form. The deadline to request a change is the first day of meal plan service.

Find out more information about our full-time registered dietitian.

Please call 513-556-6461 or email UCFood@uc.edu.

All first-year students with a university housing agreement are required to purchase a residential meal plan.

Participation in the meal plan is an important part of the support system provided by living on campus. It is one element that enhances the academic efforts and social adjustment of new students and provides health and convenience benefits to all students.

Upper-class students and first year students that are commuters can choose to purchase a Residential Meal Plan or a Campus Dining Pass plan. They are not required to purchase a plan, however they must adhere to all meal plan change/cancellation policies once a plan is purchased. 

YES! We offer the Campus Dining Pass to upper-class students living in the residence halls, commuting students, faculty, and staff. These plans offer a great value with combinations of all-you-care-to-eat meals and Bearcat Card dollars.

Bearcat Card Dollars

Bearcat Card (BCC) dollar amounts are added to the student’s ID as part of the meal plan. Bearcat Card dollars may be spent at any on-campus food location (including the Dining Centers) as well as any off-campus location participating in the Bearcat Card program. Bearcat Card funds carry over from one semester to the next, and a refund of any unspent Bearcat Card dollars is available upon request at the end of spring semester or upon leaving UC.

For more information visit the Bearcat Card website.  

Simply add to your account in person at the MainStreet Connection Center or online at the Bearcat Card website.

Meal Swipes

You can look up your account balance on the Bearcat Card website.

Students can purchase more than one Campus Dining Pass each term. Just keep in mind that unused swipes do not carry over to the next semester.

Unused meal swipes carry over week to week, however they expire at the end of each semester.

Yes. The Unlimited meal plan allows you to treat up to 15 guests per semester. Swipes from all Campus Dining Pass plans can be used to treat guests.

Dining Centers

YES! Dining Centers allow students, faculty, staff, parents, and the community to meet and enjoy all-you-care-to-eat dining in one easy location. Dining Centers accept Meal Plans, the Bearcat Card, credit cards, and cash.