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Fall 2020 Housing Residential Plan

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While the Fall 2020 Housing Residential Plan is intended to provide operation details, there may be additional modifications needed as the year progresses and we track the impact of COVID-19 on our residential community and campus. As always, we will endeavor to update you with timely information about specific health and safety guidance important for our residential community.


Schedule of room selection and move-in reservations
Date(s) Deadline or Activity
Week of July 6 Room selection timeslots notification to UC email
July 15 Students in Living Learning Communities will begin self-assignment
July 21 - 31   General self-assignment for entering first year students
July 29 Move-in appointment reservations open
July 31 Room swap option disabled


The health and safety of our residents, and the well-being of our university community at large are driving our decisions as we prepare to welcome student back to campus.  

Consistent with President Neville Pinto’s June 11 communication, all students with a completed housing application who want to live within University Housing communities can be accommodated.  

Housing contract dates will be adjusted to match the revised Academic Calendar for the Fall Semester. The university has developed an addendum to the Housing Terms & Conditions for the 20-21 academic year that all students will be required to review and acknowledge prior to any self-assignment opportunity.  

  • Fall semester hall closing will be Wednesday, Nov. 25. Winter break housing will be available via a waiver process for students who live in traditional and suite-style halls and have extenuating circumstances. The waiver application will be available in Oct. and students will be notified by Nov. 1.
  • Residents in apartments may remain during break, but will be required to check in.

Have Your Plans Changed?

If your plans have changed and you no longer need University Housing, please log into the housing portal to submit a Housing cancellation request. (If you are no longer attending the university, this request does not cancel your admission, please contact Admissions to ensure your student records are updated.) 

Students residing outside a 50-mile radius of the Uptown Campus may request exemption from the University Housing requirement by completing the Freshman Exemption Form found in the housing portal under the “Forms” tab. An additional exemption category has been added for students enrolled in all online classes who wish to remain at their permanent residences. 


Bedrooms/sleeping quarters in suites and traditional halls will be modified for the upcoming academic year. The greatest impact will be in traditional halls (Dabney, Siddall and Calhoun) where quad rooms (4-person unit) will be adjusted to only accommodate three (3) residents; Daniels quad rooms (4-person units) will be adjusted to accommodate two (2) residents; and triple rooms (3-person unit) will now only accommodate two (2) residents.

How Does this Change in Occupancy Affect Me?

If you have a roommate group of greater than two people, you will need to have a conversation amongst your group to decide how or if the group will be split. There are other resident hall options that can accommodate groups greater than two, however availability may be limited. We recommend you assign group leader privileges to the roommate with the earliest time slot. 

Your new group(s) can plan to select adjacent rooms, rooms across the hall from one another, or rooms on the same floor, etc. We in University Housing will do all we can to accommodate roommate groups. We do advise you to make backup selections in case your first choices are not available.

If a student desires a single room, we will work to accommodate the request, first with our existing inventory of single rooms. If nothing is available we are open to modifying a two-bed room into a single, at a modified rate, and subject to availability. Interested students are encouraged to contact our office if no single spaces are available during the self-assignment process.  

Quarantine & Isolation

If students residing in University Housing become symptomatic or test positive for COVID-19, the university has retained vacant, single-occupancy rooms with private bathrooms to allow for quarantine and isolation. University Housing, Student Affairs and University Health Services are prepared to collaborate on providing isolation/quarantine, meal delivery, medical care and other support services; however, depending on the size and scope of a surge, University Housing may not be available for all quarantined or isolated students.

In order to encourage social distancing and manage the need for living space, the university may convert some communal/common spaces in the residence halls into residential rooms for students.

Bearcat Residential Experience

Protect Yourself & Fellow Residents

All students should work together to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the Bearcat community by following all federal, state, and local guidelines. Residents are expected to also follow guidelines outlined in the Guide to Living On-Campus.

  • Facial Coverings must be worn in common areas. When you leave your residence hall space, it is required that you always wear a facial covering regardless of how long you plan to be outside your room.
  • Students are encouraged to maintain good hygiene, including washing their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after visiting a public place, using the restroom, blowing their nose, coughing, sneezing or touching their face. If soap and water are not available, hand sanitizer that contains at least 70% alcohol should be used.  
  • Practice Physical Distancing  
    • Lounge spaces - smaller lounges and common areas will be closed to group gatherings; in large open lounges, furniture will be arranged to allow proper distancing
    • Elevators - 2 person maximum 
    • Resident rooms - maintain distancing among roommates and guests


Expect modifications to the guest/visitor policy across all residential communities. This is an evolving policy based on health professionals’ guidance and campus conditions.  

We will start the school year off with a NO GUEST POLICY. No in-room or overnight guests, including parents/guardian. 



Residence Halls with community bathrooms (Cal­houn, Siddall, Dabney, Daniels) will receive enhanced cleaning to ensure bathrooms are cleaned every-other-hour between 8 a.m. - 8 p.m., with a deep clean overnight.

Residence Halls with individual or shared bathrooms for the suite/apartment (CRC, Marian Spencer, Mor­gens, Scioto, Schneider,Turner, Stratford): The univer­sity will continue to clean the in-unit bathroom once every two weeks. The university will provide an initial cleaning kit (one per bathroom) that university staff can refill on behalf of occupants.

In block lease apartments (UPA, 101 E. Corry, USquare, University Edge, Deacon), residents will be responsible for bathroom cleaning. The university will provide an initial cleaning kit for each apartment, stocked with supplies, that can be refilled by university staff.

Common Areas

  • Residence hall lobbies will be augmenting the existing hand sanitizer supplies currently in place.
  • Social distancing will require removal and revised arrangement of most lobby seating.
  • Residence hall public/floor kitchens will be closed for the academic year.

General Topics

Bed lofting requests will not be taken. Beds will be pre-set to Junior Height.

Room swaps There will be no general room swap options. Room swap will be limited to extenuating circumstances and administrative moves only.

Residential activities (programs, hall meetings, etc.) for the Bearcat Experience will be virtual or grab-and-go only; no in-person programs will be planned.

Outside food delivery will be limited to the residence hall lobbies only; residents must be present to meet driver and accept delivery.

For Gender Inclusive Housing, we strongly encourage potential and current residents to contact the ​Assistant Director of Resident Education & Development, Aleia White, early in the housing request process so that we may offer the widest range of possible housing options.

Annual Housing Timeline

The application for University Housing and other related deadlines typically follow a cycle each year. The table below is intended to help you plan, whether you are still deciding to come to UC, you've already confirmed admission, you're transferring or you're a current resident.

Overview by Week of Calendar Month
Month, Week Activity or Deadline
January, Week 2 Bed lofting and room swap requests* reopen for spring semester
January, Week 4 Current residents may begin renewing contracts for following academic year
February, Week 1 Contract renewal period for current residents ends
February, Week 3 Spring break housing request form opens
February, Week 4 Waitlist opens for current residents
March, Week 1 Freshman/new resident housing application opens for next academic year
March, Week 4 Summer semester housing application opens for current academic year
May, Week 1 Housing priority deadline for freshmen / new residents (applications received after this date are not guaranteed)
June, Week 1 through July week 4 Freshman room selection
August, Week 1 Fall room swap requests close*
August, Week 3
Move-in for fall semester
September, Week 2 Bed lofting and room swap requests* open for fall
October, Week 1 Spring semester housing application opens for current academic year, continues through spring semester
November, Week 1
Winter break housing request form opens

*Bed lofting requests may continue as long as lofting hardware is available. Room swaps may continue until designated deadlines or until room availability is exhausted.