We are looking forward to having our new Bearcats join the University Housing community next year! The 2020-2021 University Housing application is open. Priority housing applications close May 5 at 5 p.m.

Housing applications received after the priority deadline, May 5, are not eligible for self-selection. These housing assignments will be manually processed by the University Housing office roughly mid-July.

FAQ for First-Time Housing Applicants

The University Housing application timeline follows a cycle each year. You may find the annual calendar below, but here are the dates that are most important right now:

Important dates for first time University Housing applicants
Activity   Date(s) Time
General housing application opens March 2
3 p.m.
Housing application priority deadline May 5 5 p.m.
Room selection timeslot notification to student's UC email   Week of May 7 n/a
Living-Learning Community room selection May 14 - 21 n/a
General room selection May 21 - approximately June 30 n/a

Many students are excited to begin their University of Cincinnati career, and want to take care of details such as this as soon as the application opens. However, there is no benefit to applying the day the housing application opens. Timeslots for room selection will be randomized based on the week that the student pays the deposit.  

You will not select your room until after the application closes on May 5. Information on room selection is sent to your UC e-mail address in late spring.

  • Room selection takes place May 14- approx. June 30 
  • Room selection is a self-assignment process (similar to selecting concert seats). Each student assigns themselves to a room once they have been given a timeslot and access to the room selection pool. 
  • Housing applications received after the priority deadline, May 5, are not eligible for self-selection. These housing assignments will be manually processed by the University Housing office roughly mid-July. 

University Housing will process room selection time slots during the week of May 7. You will receive notification in your university-assigned email address once your time slot has been generated.

Note - Only students who have completed all of the following are eligible for time slots:

  • If you are or were under 18 years of age at the time of application, confirm that your parent/guardian (proxy) has signed the housing agreement. If you have turned 18 since the application was initially submitted,  you do not have to wait for a proxy signature; simply log back into the application and you will automatically be prompted to accept the terms of the housing agreement.
  • $150 housing application fee/security deposit has been paid.
  • Registration for a Bearcats Bound Orientation session has been submitted.

Transfer Students

  1. If you are an international transfer student or a transfer student entering into the College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning or the College Conservatory of Music, you are required to attend Bearcats Bound Orientation.
  2. All other transfer students are not required to attend Bearcats Bound Orientation.

The payment that is required during the housing application is both a non-refundable application fee ($50) and a security deposit ($100). Your application is not complete until this payment has been made. 

The deposit is refundable if you cancel your application within 15 days, OR it is returned to you after you complete your housing contract. It is forfeited if you cancel more than 15 days after application or move out during the academic year without fulfilling the contract.   

The housing application provides an opportunity to answer some questions about your preferred living environment, as well as create a profile and search through other students looking for roommates.

  • Your log in credentials are your UC username (6+2) and password (same credentials as your email or Catalyst log in, for example). 
  • It can take up 72 hrs. after you confirm with the university before your information imports into the housing information system.
    • “My session has timed out” is the error message received if trying to access the housing application before the student profile has loaded into the housing system.
  • If you do not know your password, University Housing office is not able to reset it. The student will need to reset their password via the self-service option in Catalyst or UC Help Desk.  

The University Housing office will have extended hours during the week of March 2 to respond to inquiries from students and families.

If we experience an abnormally high volume of calls and email inquiries during the first few weeks of the application process:

  • Our phone system allows for a callback request if you do not want to wait.
  • We appreciate your patience while we work diligently to respond to inquiries during this busy time. If you have left a callback request on our phone system, be assured you will remain in the queue until we have contacted you.
  • If you have already submitted a contact request, review additional frequently asked questions and other topics on Applying FAQ or Resources.

For Gender Inclusive Housing, we strongly encourage potential and current residents to contact the ​Assistant Director of Resident Education & Development, Aleia White, early in the housing request process so that we may offer the widest range of possible housing options.

Annual Housing Timeline

The application for University Housing and other related deadlines follow a cycle each year. The table below is intended to help you plan, whether you are still deciding to come to UC, you've already confirmed admission, you're transferring or you're a current resident.

Overview by Week of Calendar Month
Month, Week Activity or Deadline
January, Week 2 Bed lofting and room swap requests* reopen for spring semester
January, Week 4 Current residents may begin renewing contracts for following academic year
February, Week 1 Contract renewal period for current residents ends
February, Week 3 Spring break housing request form opens
February, Week 4 Waitlist opens for current residents
March, Week 1 Freshman/new resident housing application opens for next academic year
March, Week 4 Summer semester housing application opens for current academic year
May, Week 1 Housing priority deadline for freshmen / new residents (applications received after this date are not guaranteed)
June, Week 1 through July week 4 Freshman room selection
August, Week 1 Fall room swap requests close*
August, Week 3
Move-in for fall semester
September, Week 2 Bed lofting and room swap requests* open for fall
October, Week 1 Spring semester housing application opens for current academic year, continues through spring semester
November, Week 1
Winter break housing request form opens

*Bed lofting requests may continue as long as lofting hardware is available. Room swaps may continue until designated deadlines or until room availability is exhausted.