Housing Communities

Welcome to the diverse housing options at the University of Cincinnati, offering a range of living experiences to suit your preferences. Explore our Traditional Communities, providing a classic dormitory setting with shared spaces and various room configurations. For a more private setup, consider our Junior Suite communities, offering a 4-person, 2-bedroom arrangement with shared private bathrooms and dedicated study lounges. If you prefer a blend of privacy and shared living, our Suite-style communities come in different configurations with comfortable bedding. For a premium living experience, discover our Apartment communities, each featuring unique amenities such as private kitchens, studio apartments, and options for single or multiple occupancy.

Room types by residence hall/community. See rate on page corresponding to cohort as defined above.
Room Type  Halls or Communities
Traditional Calhoun, Dabney, Daniels, Siddall*
Junior Suite Marian Spencer, Stratford Heights
Suite CRC, Schneider, Turner
Apartment Bellevue Gardens, 101 Corry, CP Cincy, The Eden, Jefferson House, Morgens, Scioto, The Union on Taft, USquare, UPA, University Edge


Communities: Calhoun, Dabney, Daniels, Siddall

sample of a traditional room showing a bunked bed window and desks.

Bedroom from Daniels

Ideal for those who enjoy the classic dormitory setting, Traditional Rooms provide a communal living experience with shared spaces. Here's what you can expect:

  • Community Living: Traditional communities are known for shared spaces, where a floor of residents comes together to share bathrooms and common areas, including lounges.
  • Gender Arrangements: Floors may be organized by gender or co-ed, and individual rooms may have gender-specific assignments.
  • Bed Configurations: Choose from room configurations with 2, 3, or 4 beds, each equipped with comfortable Twin XL mattresses.
  • In-Room Amenities: Your room comes with a microwave/refrigerator combination unit for your convenience.
  • Bathroom Facilities: Shared bathrooms are typically organized by floor or wing, fostering a sense of community.
  • Communal Lounges: Enjoy floor lounges where you can socialize and connect with fellow residents.
  • Individual Essentials: Each resident is provided with a desk and chair, a wardrobe/closet, and a drawered unit for personal belongings.

Junior Suite

sample junior suite room showing a large window, raised bed, desk and wall of decorations.

Bedroom from Marian Spencer

Experience comfort and convenience in our Junior Suite communities, designed for a more private living arrangement. Here's what you can expect from these modern living spaces:

  • Suite Configuration: Enjoy the privacy of a 4-person, 2-bedroom setup, providing a more intimate living environment.
  • Private Bathroom: Unlike traditional communal living, each suite comes with a shared private bathroom, shared by four residents.
  • Comfortable Bedding: Rest on Twin XL mattresses, ensuring a comfortable night's sleep.
  • Study Lounges: Explore designated study lounges by floor, providing a quiet space for focused academic pursuits.
  • Individual Essentials: Each resident is provided with a desk and chair, a wardrobe/closet, and a drawered unit for personal belongings.


Communities: CRC, Schneider, Turner

looking into a sample suite room from the front door, showing tall windows, a raised bed desk and mini fridge.

Bedroom from Schneider Hall

Experience the best of both privacy and shared living spaces in our Suite-style communities. These modern living arrangements offer a variety of configurations to suit your preferences. Here's what you can expect

  • Suite Configurations: Choose from a variety of bedroom configurations, including 2-person (2-bedroom) 4-person (2-bedroom and 4-bedroom), 5-person (3-bedroom), and 7-person (3-bedroom). Find the perfect setup for your lifestyle.
  • Private Bathrooms: Enjoy the convenience of shared private bathrooms, ensuring a more exclusive and comfortable living experience.
  • Shared Living Area: Each unit comes with a private, shared living area featuring lounge furniture, providing a space to relax and socialize with fellow residents.
  • Comfortable Bedding: Rest comfortably on Twin XL mattresses, designed for a good night's sleep.
  • Individual Essentials: Each resident is provided with a desk and chair, as well as a wardrobe/closet for personal belongings.


apartment style commons room found in morgens, showing a couches, chairs and a kitchen bar seating area.

Morgens common area

Discover the pinnacle of privacy and amenities in our Apartment communities. These premium living spaces offer exclusive features, including private kitchens. Here's what you can anticipate:

  • Private Amenities: Enjoy access to private amenities similar to Suite-style communities, ensuring a comfortable and personalized living experience.
  • Kitchen Facilities: Apartments come with fully equipped kitchens, allowing you to prepare your meals in the convenience of your own space.
  • Studio Apartments: Experience the open and efficient layout of a studio apartment, where sleeping, working, cooking, and living seamlessly coexist in a shared space.
  • Single Occupancy: Students assigned to "single" rooms enjoy the luxury of having their bedroom all to themselves, without sharing with another student.
  • Multiple Occupancy: For a more communal living experience, students assigned to "multiple occupancy" rooms share the bedroom space with fellow students. This may involve two, three, or four students sharing a room.