Departures & Move Out

Halls close Saturday, April 27 at 12 p.m. (noon). All students must check out of the hall by that time. You are expected to properly check out and leave the building within 24 hours of your last final exam (unless specific university obligations require additional time). 

Residents moving out must follow the guidelines below.

  1. Remove all belongings, food and trash, and leave room in good condition.
  2. Schedule a room check timeslot in the housing portal; options for checking out in-person with an RA or via an Express Checkout. 
    Move-out timeslots will be available in the portal beginning April 8th at 12 p.m. (noon).    
  3. Return your keys and be checked out at the hall's Service Center or leasing office upon completion of the RCR. You may not return your keys via mail. Even if you do not have a physical key, you still need to check out at the desk. 

Safety First

Please follow safety precautions, whether leaving for break or completely moving out of your unit. Curbside parking is limited to 15 minutes. As with move-in, you are encouraged to use a personal cart to speed up your move.

Late Departure Requests

If you need to stay more than 24 hours after your last final, you must complete one of the following processes
  1. Students departing more than 24 hours after completing their last exam through April 28: Contact your hall’s Community Coordinator to request an extension.
  2. Students departing April 29 – May 2: Complete the Move-Out Extension Request form in the housing portal.
  3. Students departing May 3 or after: Complete the Summer Housing Application in the housing portal.

Students who are transitioning to summer housing can learn more about that process on the Summer Housing for UC Students page


  • Commencement occurs April 25, 26, and 27 and will result in increased traffic on and around campus beyond expected move-out traffic. We highly recommend local students consider checking out after classes end and then commute during finals week
    • You may begin your checkout process at your front desk at any time. 
    • We will have carts available during the last week of classes if you want to move out early. 
  • Please connect directly with your staff member if you have any questions about checkout, as you are responsible for meeting all closing procedures. 
  • Neither the university, nor the residence halls, assume responsibility for traffic/parking tickets incurred during closing.

Move-Out Procedures

How to Use Express Checkout

Room checkout can be super quick if you follow instructions in the procedures explained below, and then follow the instructions in the video below. The QR code can be found at your community's Service Center.

You must sign up for a move-out timeslot in the housing portal

  • Timeslots will be available in the housing portal beginning April 8 at 12 p.m. (noon)
  • Prior to your timeslot, be sure you have moved all your belongings out of your room.

Checkouts may be completed during your timeslot either via formal walkthrough with a staff member or via express checkout.

To complete an express checkout, go to your community's service center or leasing office to return your keys. You will use the QR code at the service center to complete the checkout process. Completing an express checkout is generally a faster method of checking out of the hall, but waives your right to appeal potential damage charges. 

To complete a formal walkthrough, you will meet a member of the university housing team at your community's service center or designated area and together you will walk through your room. After the walkthrough, you will return your keys to the staff at the service center. Completing a formal walkthrough generally is a slower method but if your room has damages for which you believe you should not be charged for, this retains your ability to appeal charges. 

Other suggestions:

  • You may move out at any time of day (even non-business hours).
  • Carts to move belongings will be available at each hall, but if you have a rolling cart, and can bring it with you, it may speed up your move.
  • Bring storage containers or boxes, if you can, to minimize trips in and out of the building.
  • Be sure to keep your vehicle attended and/or locked.
  • Please care for yourself and your fellow Bearcats by not overcrowding elevators.

Residents participating in graduation activities may need addtional time to move out. Residents may request a Saturday/Sunday night late stay by contacting their designated Community Coordinator (CC).  Late stays not approved by Community Coordinator in advance will not be permitted.  

You must remove all belongings, food and trash, and leave room in good condition. Follow these steps to avoid additional fees being placed on your account.

  1. Empty, clean, and unplug/defrost the microfridge, empty all closets, drawers, high storage spaces and desk drawers. Leave microfridge doors open after defrosting. 
  2. Sweep the floor and remove all trash.
  3. Remove any nails, sticky tack, tape, etc. from the walls. Leave command strips on the walls.
  4. Report any broken furniture or burned-out light bulbs via work order

To assist with cleaning, trash bags, brooms, and dustpans are available for use at your community's front desk

Change Your Address

Residents living in communities that use the Bearcats Package Center + Mail (BPC) are advised to change addresses in online purchases and be aware of shipping timelines. Summer addresses and moving dates should be shared with friends and family to ensure deliveries are efficient.

Packages received after move-out will not be forwarded and are subject to the BPC receiving policy.

Continuous (24-hour) quiet hours begin at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, April 19 and continue until the hall closes on April 27. Please respect others’ needs to sleep and study. Failure to observe quiet hours may result in conduct referral or being required to check out early. 

For information about dining options before and during Summer Semester, please visit Food Services.


The move-in/move-out map shows parking (green structures) in relation to residence communities, as well as unloading areas. More detailed Google maps and coordinates can be found on the Parking website.


Graduate Student Housing Move-Out

Please complete the following departure tasks by 12:00 p.m. (noon) on July 31, your Sublease end date. We are not able to extend your stay past this time. Check your apartment thoroughly before you leave to make sure you have not left any personal items behind.

Complete the following steps if the apartment will be totally vacated:

  • Clean and wash all cabinets, cupboards, bathroom and closets.  
  • Clean the refrigerator and freezer.  
  • Clean the stove (including the burners) and oven.  
  • Sweep and mop all floors.  
  • Clean balcony/patio, removing belongings and debris.  
  • Remove all personal belongings, including furniture. Bring all trash to the dumpster. 
  • Reset your internet passwords to the original settings
  • Remove your belongings and debris from the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and common areas.
  • Remove name labels from the mailbox. Submit an online Change of Address form to the US Postal Service. Change your delivery addresses for Amazon and other online stores.
  • Return your keys to Uptown Rentals by 12:00 p.m. (noon) on July 31. We are not able to extend your stay past this time.
  • Complete all cleaning and remove all belongings before you return your keys.
  • All apartment and mailbox keys should be returned to the Uptown Rentals office located at 2718 Vine Street by 12:00 p.m. (noon) on July 31.
  • Do not prop doors. 
  • Avoid leaving a packed car overnight.

Will any of your roommates be staying in the apartment?

  • The deposit will stay with the apartment until everyone moves. 
  • Tenants departing occupied apartments will not be eligible to receive any portion of the deposit. The statements below do not apply.

Are you leaving graduate housing?

One tenant should complete the security deposit forwarding address survey below, noting the following:

  • The recipient must be on the lease. 
  • Deposits can only be sent to US addresses. 
  • Include the full address, including the apartment number.
  • It typically takes about 30 days for the recipient to receive the deposit check. Please provide an address that will be valid for at least 60 days. It may take longer if the we do not receive a valid address in a timely manner.

Can I stay longer than 12:00 p.m. (noon) on July 31?
We are not able to honor requests to stay past this time and date due to the tight cleaning and turnaround time to prepare for new tenants.

Am I able to leave furniture or other items behind so my friend can pick them up?
We are not able to keep items in rooms after the lease expires. Please arrange for your friend to pick up the items before you leave. 

Where do I turn in my keys if I am leaving at a time outside of business hours?
There is a secured box outside of the Uptown Rentals office where keys can be returned at any time.

Complete Forwarding Address Form