Change or Swap Rooms

We understand that from time to time, our students may be interested in getting a new room assignment. Each semester, typically beginning the third week of classes, University Housing offers students the option to swap or change their rooms.

Interested in requesting a room change for Fall 2024? 
In addition to our normal room swap process beginning in the third week of the fall semester, University Housing plans to make the room change request form available during the week of Aug. 5-9. If you would like to request another room assignment, please plan to complete the form during that week and we will reassign students as our space allows. 

Please note, we are not accepting room change requests at this time.

Room Swap

Swapping rooms is a mutual agreement between two residents. Both students seeking the swap must submit request form in their housing portal, with student each listing the other and their phone number where indicated.

University Housing staff will match the requests to verify a mutual agreement to the swap.University Housing will not accept requests to swap where only one student completes the request form

Room Change

A room change involves moving to an empty space in another room.

Students desiring a room change will complete and submit the form, indicating what residence hall or community they are interested in. University Housing staff will respond to discuss room availability.


All reassignments are subject to availability in the requested community / room type. Beyond that, please note the following reassignment restrictions:

  • First-year students may only change to spaces in campus core locations.
    Campus Core refers to those buildings that are within the primary campus perimeter. This includes the following communities:
    • Calhoun Hall
    • Campus Recreation Center (CRC) Hall, 
    • Dabney Hall, 
    • Daniels Hall, 
    • Marian Spencer Hall, 
    • Morgens Hall, 
    • Schneider Hall, 
    • Scioto Hall, 
    • Stratford Heights, 
    • The Deacon, 
    • Turner Hall, 
    • University Park Apartments (UPA), and 
    • USquare    
  • Upperclass students may only change to spaces in leased locations.
    Leased locations includes all other university housing communities. This includes the following communities:
    • Bellevue Gardens, 
    • Comfort Suites, 
    • CP Cincy, 
    • Jefferson House, 
    • MainStay Suites, 
    • The Eden, 
    • University Edge, 
    • University Park Apartments (UPA), and 
    • 101 East Corry

Once the Room Swap Request form opens to all students, you will be able to sign into the housing portal and complete the request form.

All requests are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. After University Housing staff receive your request, we will notify you of the approval or denial of the request in writing. Please allow 7-10 business days for your request to be reviewed. 

If your request is granted, you will be given 48 hours to complete the move to your new assignment. Moving carts are available for checkout at most communities' service centers. After you complete your move, be sure you check out of your previous room at the service center of your previous community. 

If your room change request was not granted, you should receive a written explanation for why. In most cases, denial of a room change request occurs because we do not have availability in the requested community or room type. 

Students that change room assignments will have their semester bills adjusted to account for the change. The change will be pro-rated. For instance, a change from a traditional community to an suite-style community will result in the pro-rated difference in the rates being added to your student bill. A change to a less-expensive room type will result in money being taken off your bill. If you have already paid your semester bill in full, the difference will be refunded to you. 

To get a better understanding of how a new assignment may impact your bill, you should review your cohort's page in the Rates section of our site to see the costs associated with your desired community / room type.