Meal Plans

Parents, please note - in order for your purchase to be processed correctly, please use the student's login (not the parent login) to purchase a plan.

Dining Pass Information

The Fine Print

  • ALL first year students with a Housing Agreement must purchase a Residential Meal Plan and are not eligible to purchase a Campus Dining Pass plan.
  • Residential meal plans may be changed up through the 5th day of the semester.
  • Campus Dining Pass plans cannot be changed or cancelled after the first day of meal service.

To change a meal plan, please complete a Meal Plan Change Request. Requests may be granted based on eligibility and deadlines.

Stir Fry
Grab-and-go salad
Campus Dish app

View dining center menus and nutrition information online or download the Campus Dish app

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Meal Plan Rates

First Year
Residential Students

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Not sure which plan to buy? Most first year students prefer the Unlimited Meal Plan. It’s a better value and has the added flexibility of Bearcat Card dollars (BCC). The rates table below details what is included in each plan.

Off-Campus Students,
Upper-Class Residents,
Faculty and Staff

Eating Lunch

Plans that have been created for non-residential students, upper-class residents, and faculty and staff to help take advantage of the convenience of the dining centers at a cost savings. The rates table below details what is included in each plan.





Meal Plan FAQs

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