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Chinmay Bakshi- Goldwater Scholar

Office of Nationally Competitive Awards

The Office of Nationally Competitive Awards (NCA) supports UC students and recent alumni interested in applying for external fellowships. Our goal is to support students as early as possible in their college careers, helping them to develop as strong candidates for fellowships. We serve all UC undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, as well as UC alumni.

We provide comprehensive advising and support for a set of core awards that require UC endorsement. We also provide advising and application assistance for a select group of priority awards that do not require UC endorsement. We've also curated a number of other awards that meet the needs of the diverse student population at UC.


Congratulations 2018-2019 Award Winners!

Chinmay Bakshi, Chemistry and Neuroscience, Barry Goldwater Scholarship

Nihar Rama, Medical Sciences, Barry Goldwater Scholarship

Julia James, History, Boren Scholarship (Indonesia)

Gordon Goodwin, International Affairs and Arabic Lang & Culture, Critical Language Scholarship (Arabic)

David Moore, Architectural Engineering, Critical Language Scholarship (Japanese)

Alexandra Pasqualone, History, Critical Language Scholarship (Arabic)

­Garrett Ainsworth, Business Economics and Marketing, Fulbright ETA (Taiwan)

Amanda Bright, Secondary Education, Fulbright ETA (Greece)

Brian Nabors, Composition, Fulbright Study/Research (Australia)

Andrea Ori, Medical Sciences, Fulbright Study/Research (France)

Chloe Elleman, Medical Sciences, Fulbright UK Summer Insitute (Queen's University Belfast)



Our Vision:  

To embolden students to view themselves as award winners.

Our Mission: 

NCA supports students to aspire towards and successfully compete for prestigious national and international fellowships and awards by:

  • Facilitating students’ ability to identify, articulate, and advance their strengths, experiences, and goals
  • Cultivating a campus culture in which students are empowered and prepared to apply for external awards


Award Direct Links

Upcoming Deadline- Campus Sunset

Upcoming Events

Fulbright Week - April 6-10, 2020

All sessions will be held on WebEx. Click here to access.

Info Sessions:

Intro to Fulbright:

       4/6/20 @ 12:30pm 

       4/7/20 @ 12:20pm 

English Teaching Award:

       4/6/20 @ 2:30pm 

       4/7/20 @ 4:30pm 


       4/6/20 @ 3:45pm 

       4/7/20 @ 2pm 

Learning Series - Schwarzman

This session will be held on WebEx. Click here to access.

    Tuesday, April 14 @ 12:30om 

Learning Series - UK Awards 

All sessions will be held on WebEx. Click here to access.

    Monday, April 20 @ 4:00pm 

    Tuesday, April 21 @ 4:00pm



Come to a Fellowships 101 Session!
Open to all students! Get an overview of the awards and how our office can help you apply!
  • Email to schedule an appointment.
  • All sessions will be held on WebEx. Click here to access.