James M. Morand Memorial Brass Scholarship

  • For
    • UC Bearcat Marching Band brass player that will be returning in the upcoming fall semester who most exemplifies the spirit of 1) dedication, 2) warmth, 3) selfless giving, and 4) teamwork which characterized the life of Dr. Morand and his life-long support of the UC Band
  • By
    • Dr. James M. Morand was a 1960 civil engineering graduate and avid supporter of the UC Bearcat Bands program. Both he and his wife, Diane, have shared their generosity with the university through art preservation projects and scholarships. He was a professor emeritus of civil and environmental engineering at the time of his death in 2002, after which several alumni paid tribute to him through memorial gifts to the  band.
  • Criteria
    • (S)he might best be described as an “unsung hero” and friend to all, dedicated to the greater good of the band, and someone who goes about the tasks at hand with cheerful dependability without ever expecting, or seeking, acknowledgement or accolades
  • Selection Process
    • Annual spring semester application; selected by the Director of Bands in consultation with the band staff
  • Renewable
    • Yes, as long as the student maintains the required scholarship recipient criteria
  • Amount
    • Variable; based on annual endowment returns
James M. Morand Memorial Brass Scholarship Recipients
Name Year
Christian Schuster 2006
Josh Rarick 2007
No award 2008
Corey Knapke
Donald Morehead
Jeff Cole 2010
Joe Moody 2011
Brian Casey 2012
Samantha Hoelscher 2013
Alexandra Monnin
Laura Stueve
Joseph Herzog
Lydia Smoot
Brian Ginn
Paige Hoff
Ray Peng
Matt Robleski 2017
Marie Weaver 2018
Wesley Reed 2019
Connor Dougherty 2020
Jun Tanaka 2021
Christina Luebbe 2022
Karr Stump 2023
Caroline Niederhausen 2024