Frequently Asked Questions

  • Visit the various webpages with requirements particular to your area of interest.
  • No. Most of our members are not music majors, although some are!
  • It depends. Basketball Band requires Marching Band participation (and vice versa). Concert and Jazz Bands do not require Marching Band participation, though most students that are in a Concert or Jazz Band also tend to be in Marching Band. Some people start by doing a Concert Band, making friends, then auditioning for Marching Band later. Most will start with Marching Band their first year and stick with it along with participation in other bands: this is absolutely the best way to maximize your first year and make irreplaceable friends and memories! (Yes, you have the time.)
  • All Marching Band members are expected to participate in a Concert or Jazz Band during the Spring semester.
  • This isn't like many high schools where "the band is the band:" Marching, Concert, Jazz, and whatever else. In college, each ensemble is its own class.
  • Regardless, if you participate in only one of the Bearcat Bands you are part of the family!
  • We all get the same 24 hours in a day. How you utilize that time is a personal matter. If someone wants to do something badly enough, they will usually find a way to make it happen. Don't make the mistake of not doing it your first year and missing that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Joining later, although a great decision, can never replace the friendships and memories you will have missed. Most of our bands require much less of a time commitment than high school. Generally speaking, yes, almost everyone has the time for college band if it is something they want to do. Try it and find out!

No, Bearcat Bands classes are not assessed tuition and fees. See the list available here: Special Course Fees - About UC | University Of Cincinnati

  • We require members to enroll in the corresponding class. Students from local colleges are allowed to join us as well through the Greater Cincinnati Collegiate Connection. Go to for more information.
  • Woodwinds: Piccolos, B-flat Soprano Clarinets, Alto/Tenor Saxes, Bari Saxes
  • Brass: Trumpets, Mellophones, Trombones, Baritones, Sousaphones
  • Percussion: Snare Drums, Multi-Tenor Drums, Bass Drums, Crash Cymbals, Front Ensemble including some electronics
  • The UC Marching Band has a contemporary Color Guard section and Feature Twirlers. Both units require annual auditions.
  • Yes, there is an on-campus camp required of all UC Marching Band members. Specific dates with a timeline of events will be released by July. New members are usually able to move into their assigned residence halls. Percussion and Color Guard have additional summer camps.
  • A number of our Marching Band members participate in some of the most storied programs in pageantry arts (drum corps, WGI, etc.). We are entirely supportive of this and make necessary concessions depending on the calendar and member summer availability. That being said, the Bearcat Marching Band will also be a significant commitment in your life. We expect all members to communicate with the directors and other staff of both groups in advance and with utmost professionalism. Generally, we already know the directors and staff members of your other ensembles, too! We have longstanding agreements and understandings with these professionals. Rarely are we unable to find some kind of compromise unless you wait too long, handle the communication poorly, and/or be shady.
  • The University of Cincinnati Bearcat Bands program offers a variety of performance opportunities including Concert Bands, Jazz Bands, and an assortment of other small ensembles. The UC Alumni Band hosts an annual summer Community Band that is also open to current students. There are also non-major choirs and an orchestra at the internationally-acclaimed College-Conservatory of Music just down the street!
  • Please email or call us: or 513-556-BAND (2263). Give us as much information as possible so we can answer your question thoroughly.