UC Band Alumni Association Scholarship

  • For
    • Any current member of the UC Bearcat Bands that is returning the next academic year; In good standing with your college
  • By
    • Gifts provided by band alumni, family, and friends
  • Criteria
    • Those holding positions of leadership in the band program receive special consideration
  • Selection Process
    • Annual spring semester application and interview; selected by a committee from the UC Band Alumni Association
  • Renewable
    • Yes, as long as the student maintains the required scholarship recipient criteria
  • Amount
    • Variable; based on annual endowment returns
UC Band Alumni Association Scholarship Recipients
Name Year
Barb Meyer, winner 1994
Erik Klose, winner
Brian Ginn, first runner-up
Christian LeDuc, second runner-up
Jordan Perrin, winner
Emily Kiehl, first runner-up
Christian LeDuc, second runner-up
Christina Luebbe & Tiffany Stalla, winners
Megan Ginn & Kristen Lenze, runners-up
Sarah Stevens, winner
Adia Reed, first runner-up
Joey Foster, second runner-up
Eliza Angelo, winner
Kayla Gibbins, first runner-up
Sarah Dieterich, co-second runner-up
Abbey Kramer, co-second runner-up
Christina Luebbe, winner
Bea Aldrich & Madison Smith, first runners up
Katie Anderson, second runner-up
Nicholas Smith & Karr Stump, winners
Katie Anderson & Matt Cronin, runners-up