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Living on campus is an integral part of the college experience. Find your fit and the perfect place to call home by looking through these different residence hall communities and picturing yourself in each one. Future Student = Future Bearcat!  

We know you worry about your student, but knowing they are being well taken care of can ease those concerns.  Here you can access information on where your student will live, residential support, amenities, and other services that ensure their success and comfort within our housing communities. Parents and Families, join your student on their college journey!

Questions, concerns, or interests regarding your current housing? Let us help you by visiting our page with the hottest topics for Current Residents.

We are pleased that you have chosen UC as your graduate institution. Join our vibrant, diverse housing communities ideal for Graduate Student interaction and daily living.

Co-op rotation semester to semester can make housing a difficult affair. Whether you co-op in Cincinnati or out of town, you'll want to know what your options are. Learn more about how to make your decision about your housing and meal plan, based on your co-op status.

Looking to book a conference or event at UC or a venue close by? The University of Cincinnati is a location-of-choice for many summer camps and conferences. We have affordable, comfortable options to accommodate your employees and guests. Learn about what to expect when your conference attendees stay on our beautiful campus.

Camp is full of constant fun and activity, but without a good night’s rest, your campers are anything but ready for the day. Learn about accommodations for campers and what they can expect during their stay.

It can be difficult to find safe, quality housing for an internship, especially when time is sensitive. Summer housing is available for all college student interns, whether you work downtown, in the Uptown area or anywhere in the Greater Cincinnati area. Learn about the convenient and affordable summer lifestyle - all in a vibrant urban setting, perfect for Summer Interns.

UC is one of the largest employers in Cincinnati. University Housing has many opportunities for students to work where they live, and for professionals to be a part of a top urban research university. Find out about employment opportunities within our organization. If you're interested in being a Resident Advisor, there's a special page devoted to you and the questions you may have.