Social Media Safety

Would you want your parents, friends, or boss to see what's on your Facebook page or Snapchat?

Smart Tips for Social Media:

  • Utilize privacy settings so only people who are your friends or only certain friends can see your photos, statuses, and information.
  • Don't approve everyone who wants to be your friend. Think about who you are allowing to see your information.
  • Don't take photos if you are doing something you wouldn'€t want people to see. Don't post inappropriate photos of yourself or others on the internet. When possible, remove and untag yourself from photos that are inappropriate.
  • Remember that nothing is truly deleted from the internet (including on Snapchat).

When it comes to finding a job, getting an internship, or gaining a leadership position on campus, people are going to be looking at your social media pages. You don'€t want a photo to get in the way. Think about the type of image and person you want to portray yourself as on the internet.