What is vaping?

Vaping is the act of inhaling an aerosol. A lot of people think vaping is just flavored water being heated up, but it’s actually an aerosol which has more or less 31 chemicals in it. Aerosols are liquid droplets and for vapes they contain many chemicals that are used to give it specific effects.


Here are commonly used chemicals found in vape juice. All of these can take a huge toll on your bodies and brains. 

  • Nicotine- effects brain and body growth, highly addictive

  • Propylene Glycol- chemical used in antifreeze

  • Carcinogens- chemicals known to cause cancer 

  • Acrolein- used to kill weeds, known to cause lung damage

  • Diacetyl- chemical known to cause popcorn lung

  • Metals- tin, lead, nickel, copper, zinc, titanium

  • Formaldehyde- chemical sued in the preservation of deceased remains  

  • Arsenic- poisonous chemical, know to cause skin lesions

Tips for Quitting

  • Imagine what success looks and feels like

  • Ask friends for support

  • Make a withdrawal plan

  • Change your routine 

  • Hold yourself accountable

  • Reward yourself when you reach milestones

  • Don’t give up if you slip up once

  • Keep track of your winning streak 

  • Take it one day at a time

Side effects of vaping on different human body systems. Mouth and airways- irritation, cough, increased airway resistance. Heart and Circulation- chest pain, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate. Stomach- vomiting, nausea.

Side effects of vaping on the body