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UC's College of Business Offers 'New and Improved' Marvin P. Kolodzik Business Scholars Program

UC’s 'new and improved' Kolodzik Business Scholars Program seeks to admit new freshmen, transfer and transition students and current CoB students dedicated to outstanding academic performance.

Date: 9/15/2008 12:00:00 AM
By: Wendy Beckman
Phone: (513) 556-1826

UC ingot   Thanks to the valued support of College of Business alum Marvin P. Kolodzik and the leadership of Director Marianne Lewis, the Business Scholars Program has experienced a rebirth and new focus under the name of Marvin P. Kolodzik Business Scholars (KBS) Program.

You can feel the energy as KBS enrollment, scholarship funding and student support of this exciting program are on the rise. Admission into Kolodzik Business Scholars in the University of Cincinnati’s College of Business is highly selective and by invitation only. Yet this fall the program welcomes 35 new freshmen with an average high-school GPA of 3.8, an average ACT of 29 and an average SAT of 1252. In addition, KBS ranks are being swelled by 26 transition students with an average university GPA over 3.7.

The new and improved Kolodzik Business Scholars program has embraced the legacy business scholars in the College of Busines and has provided the program with new support, new direction and new funding. With the legacy students, new freshmen and transition students, the program now houses 162 students from freshmen through seniors, boasting an average university GPA over 3.6.

Starting this fall, all Kolodzik Business Scholars receive a scholarship, renewed each year depending on their annual review and their maintaining a minimum 3.4 GPA. The scholarship currently equates to $2,500 per year. This funding is provided each quarter in which scholars are enrolled in classes full time. Scholars who begin the program as freshmen may receive up to 12 academic quarters of scholarship support.

Kolodzik Business Scholars also now have a dedicated support team, led by Professor Lewis. Scott Gregory supports admissions and scholarships, Jenn Wiswell provides advising, and Alison Wright offers career services. Together, they help scholars personalize their academic plans. Such support is vital as scholars consider a wide range of course and experiential options.

For example, students may take dedicated KBS seminars and shared classes with Lindner Honors-PLUS students. Yet they also chose from an array of experiential options. Study abroad programs range from five days studying cultural competency in Montreal, to 10 days exploring European business in Belgium and Paris, to longer opportunities in Thailand, Chile, Austria and other destinations. Likewise, scholars may join collaborative and often interdisciplinary projects focused on product development, field case studies and service learning.

Marvin P. Kolodzik with student leaders.
Marvin P. Kolodzik with KBS student leaders from the College of Business

As its mission statement states, the Kolodzik Business Scholars program develops valued professionals with depth in their desired specialization. "To enable highly effective specialists, the program emphasizes innovation, globalization and collaboration. Flexibility enables students to tailor coursework and experiential options to achieve their personal goals."

As Professor Lewis explains, “It’s not enough for business professionals to be good at their specialty, as they work in an isolated cubicle. Today, specialists must be great, while also being creative, thinking globally, and working collaboratively. That is what KBS is all about – helping scholars learn how to thrive in this business environment.”


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