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Fast Company: How to handle the challenges of a makeshift home...

December 12, 2020

A team of researchers at UC conducted an ergonomic assessment of employees at the university by sending an email survey earlier this year to 4,500 faculty and staff after the coronavirus pandemic prompted the university to ask workers to continue operations from home when possible. The survey had 843 people complete it and showed some trends and offered a glimpse into what many who work from home were encountering. Susan Kotowski, PhD, a UC associate professor of allied health sciences, was part of a team of researchers conducting the survey. She spoke to Fast Company for a story about ergonomics in makeshift home offices.

UC programs adjust to a pandemic environment

October 28, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak changed the delivery of education when it forced in-person learning at the University of Cincinnati to shut down in mid-March of 2020. Colleges at UC had to quickly scramble to reimagine how to teach their students in an unprecedented environment. Leadership at the College of Allied Health Sciences immediately began the complicated process of designing learning plans that would meet the needs of their various departments.

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