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UC cardiologist investigates why the ‘gold standard’ treatment...

June 3, 2020

Donald Lynch, MD, will conduct an observational study of 150 heart valve replacement patients at UC Medical Center and the University of Kentucky. These patients will undergo TAVR, a procedure in which a catheter-mounted valve is inserted through a small incision in the groin and is minimally invasive compared to open heart surgery. Patients who consent to participate in the study will have blood drawn before the procedure begins, prior to discharge and during clinic follow-ups to determine what biomarkers are predictive of short- and long-term clinical outcomes.

Third-year medical students return to clinical activities June 1

June 1, 2020

At the University of Cincinnati, third-year medical students returned to their clinical rotations June 1. All medical students were pulled from their clinical activities March 17 to ensure their safety and to save personal protective equipment (PPE) that was in short supply as the pandemic spread. While the fourth-year students graduated on May 23, third-year students have spent the last 11 weeks replacing their clinical time with other learning activities, such as small group discussions with clinicians, online cases and self-directed learning.

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