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WVXU: UC scientists are deep-freezing molecules. Here's why...

July 25, 2022

The University of Cincinnati is making a significant commitment of funds and resources to establish the latest innovation in microscopy as the focal point of the Center for Advanced Structural Biology in the College of Medicine. The project will be built out in three phases over the next five years. WVXU covered the story by interviewing Desiree Benefield, PhD, the lab manager and researcher Rhett Kovall, PhD, both of the Department of Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry and Microbiology at the UC College of Medicine.

WXVU: New variants of COVID are rising fast. What does that mean...

July 12, 2022

New variants of COVID-19 continue to emerge — and some research suggests they're more contagious than ever. Troublingly, those variants seem to be more resistant to vaccines than past versions of the virus — and they're becoming the predominant strains of COVID in the United States. WVXU interviewed Carl Fichtenbaum, MD, of the Division of Infectious Diseases at the UC College of Medicine to learn more about the BA.4 and BA.5 COVID variants.

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