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Spectrum News: Rover developed at UC helps clean waterways

September 25, 2023

A University of Cincinnati Venture Lab-backed startup has developed a robot that can clean garbage, an oil spill or fish kill from waterways in a way that's safer and more effective than doing it manually, Spectrum News 1 reported.


Patents 101: What inventors need to know

September 25, 2023

In the world of academia, innovation is often celebrated for its potential to reshape industries and improve lives. At the University of Cincinnati, this spirit of invention is acknowledged and actively nurtured through the Office of Technology Transfer. Jill Uhl, JD, senior licensing associate, works behind the scenes on groundbreaking inventions emerging from UC faculty and staff.


UC ranked by National Academy of Inventors

September 21, 2023

The University of Cincinnati has been recognized as one of the top universities that advance innovation and invention in the United States by the National Academy of Inventors (NAI). The newest ranking list from the NAI, “Top 100 U.S. Universities Granted U.S. Utility Patents,” used data provided by the United States Patent and Trademark Office to highlight the top American universities that generated utility patents. UC was ranked No. 72.


UC to celebrate Digital Futures Grand Opening 2.0

Event: September 22, 2023 12:00 PM

The University of Cincinnati's Office of Research will celebrate the Digital Futures Grand Opening 2.0 with an open house Friday, Sept. 22, that will include a panel discussion featuring artificial intelligence experts from Google, Nike, Thales and the White House.


Venture Lab startup seeks to revolutionize physical therapy

September 20, 2023

When Abby McInturf was a University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) student on her way to a degree in industrial design, she studied ways to enhance human health through better design. Her research and experiences in the UC Venture Lab led her, shortly after graduation, to found a company called Band Connect that improves physical therapy rehabilitation for a host of musculoskeletal injuries.


How a UC technology transformed the marketplace for ready-to-eat...

September 19, 2023

While employed at the University of Cincinnati as a professor of mechanical engineering, William Kuhn, PhD, had an idea for a compact, flameless heater that could be enclosed in pre-packaged meals to safely cook them. The device transformed the meals, ready to eat landscape through a simple process involving salt water and a magnesium-iron alloy.


Venture Lab company aims to transform treatment of breast cancer

September 19, 2023

Ask someone what life-changing scientific breakthrough they might want to be remembered for, and it’s a fair bet they’ll say “Curing cancer.” RNA Nanotherapeutics is bringing that answer a step closer, thanks to the research of Xiaoting Zhang, the John and Gladys Strauss Endowed Chair in Cancer Research and director of the Breast Cancer Research Program of the University of Cincinnati’s Department of Cancer Biology. UC’s Venture Lab helped him launch a discovery that could transform the treatment of breast cancer.


Do you understand cryptoeconomics?

September 19, 2023

Financial literacy is imperative to improving financial decision making and increasing financial empowerment, University of Cincinnati researchers said, and they’ve developed a scale specifically to measure literacy in the cryptoeconomics sector.


UC-developed pancreatic cancer model yields significant...

September 19, 2023

While at the University of Cincinnati, Andrew Lowy developed a mouse strain called Pdx-cre that leads to excision of DNA specifically in pancreatic tissue, allowing for the turning on and off of genes that drive the development and progression of pancreatic cancer.


UC chemist’s 1980s research enabled lifesaving diagnostics

September 18, 2023

Everything starts with an idea, and the University of Cincinnati’s 1819 Innovation Hub makes sure that good ideas make a difference in the world. One example is the work of Edward Deutsch, PhD, around the radioisotope Technetium-99m, which, with assistance from UC’s Tech Transfer program, have made Tc99m the most commonly used medical radioisotope in the world, a part of over 20 million diagnostic procedures annually.


Venture Lab startup hits milestone in quest to treat...

September 18, 2023

UC Venture Lab startup Amplicore has hit another milestone in its quest to bring its innovations into the marketplace — the launch of a clinical trial for AM3101, an injectable therapeutics that can be used in meniscus tear surgeries.

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