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UC medical students among the first to return to campus

August 10, 2020

The University of Cincinnati welcomes 182 newly admitted first-year medical students to campus this week. Residents from Ohio make up 47% or 85 students in this year’s medical class with non-Ohio residents accounting for the remaining 53% or 97 students. Women for the third time in the past five years make up a majority of the class accounting for 53% or 95 students. Men account for the remaining 47% or 86 students in the class. Ethnic minorities account for 23% or 42 students, while first-generation students account for 16% or 30 students. The average GPA for this year’s class is 3.74 and its average MCAT is 515.

Innovative UC start-up gives back to community during COVID-19...

August 5, 2020

By Adam Cline When the area non-profit Locally Fed began just a couple of months ago, things happened fast. Started by UC students, including College of Arts and Sciences Journalism graduate Madalyn Norman, and current students Madi Rinaldi and Emily Buck, the organization was designed as an innovative solution to a unique challenge: helping feed Cincinnati during the COVID-19 pandemic and support restaurants hit hard by the crisis. To get started, the women solicited donations from friends and family to buy meals from local eateries. They also reached out to different publications to get the word out and keep the donations coming in.

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