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UC’s Final Enrollment Figures Exceed Expectations, Exceed 39,000

Final figures reported to the state exceed 39,000 students and show the highest number of Bearcats since 1980.

Date: 10/8/2009 4:25:00 PM
By: Dawn Fuller
Phone: (513) 556-1823
Photos By: Ashley Kempher

UC ingot   UC’s overall enrollment has shot past 39,000 as the university reports final fall enrollment figures to the state today. UC’s Office of Institutional Research reports overall student enrollment at 39,667, up seven percent from Autumn 2008 and the highest enrollment recorded since 1980.

UC’s overall freshman class numbers 6,200, the highest in UC history. Freshmen on the Uptown Campus number 4,301, up just over 11 percent from Autumn 2008. The UC freshman class represents 88 Ohio counties and 35 states including Washington, D.C.

The swelling enrollment continues to reflect growth in the STEMM disciplines, as well as increasing numbers of transfer students (1,720, up 11 percent from last year) and distance learners (3,242). Final figures also exceeded expectations for UC’s success in recruiting undergraduate international students (477), with total numbers of international students (graduate and undergraduate) numbering 1,938. Retention rates are at 84.6 percent.

The wave of students also comes from unpredicted growth at the branch campuses as students walked in for late registration. Raymond Walters College reports an increase of 606 students, with total enrollment at 4,820.  Clermont College reports an increase of 472 students over last fall, with total enrollment at Clermont College at 3,713.

“We experienced a large enrollment bump the week of Sept. 16,” says Mae Hanna, director of college relations for Clermont College. “We believe as much as 10 percent of that crowd was interested in workforce development.” Hanna adds that in early September, enrollment services contacted students who were offered admission but had not confirmed their registration, bringing in a late wave of students to complete the process.

Final numbers from UC Housing and Food Services show 3,799 students moved into UC housing this fall, reflecting not only the swelling freshman class but the retention of upperclassmen choosing to live in campus housing.

UC’s enrollment is breaking records that have not been seen since the ‘80s. Final enrollment for the 2008-2009 academic year (37,072) was the highest enrollment reported in 18 years. Other historic enrollments include

  • 1982  37,906
  • 1981  38,895
  • 1980  39,772
  • 1979  39,071
  • 1978  37,736
  • 1977  38,239

UC’s new president, Gregory H. Williams, will formally take office as UC’s 27th president on Nov. 1.