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Dining Centers To Reopen With Some Surprises

The three campus dining centers will offer additional gluten-free options and Stadium View will provide meals ‘to-go.’

Date: 9/12/2011 4:00:00 PM
By: Victoria Rogers

UC ingot   As more Americans are diagnosed with celiac disease every day, the demand for gluten-free menu items has become louder and greater. Beginning this fall, all three dining centers – MarketPointe @ Siddall, CenterCourt, and Stadium View Café – will be cooking up gluten-free cheese pizza upon request, and will always offer gluten-free bread options at the deli stations.

We are also excited to announce that Stadium View Café will be introducing a “to-go” meal option for students, faculty, and staff. Diners on the go will be able to request the take-out option as they enter Stadium View. The new to-go option will cost the normal door rate for customers paying with Bearcat Card, cash, or credit card, or a meal plan swipe for meal plan holders, and will include a take-out container for food, as well as a cup for the beverage of choice.  Customers interested in both dining-in and taking food to-go will pay for two meals. 

Independent Meal Plans are available for faculty and staff to purchase and will result in a significant savings over door rates.  More information is available on our IMP website