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WATCH: UC Students Begin Their Move Back to Campus on Aug. 22

Students move into the residence halls nearly a month earlier than what was usual under academic quarters, as UC joins other Ohio public universities in moving to a semester calendar this fall.

Date: 8/16/2012 12:00:00 AM
By: Dawn Fuller
Phone: (513) 556-1823

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University of Cincinnati students will be moving into the residence halls Aug.22-23 to get ready for classes that begin on Aug. 27.

Residence Hall Openings (Peak crowds expected between 10 a.m. and noon)

Wednesday, Aug. 22, 10 a.m. – Calhoun Hall, Dabney Hall, Turner Hall, Schneider Hall and Stratford Heights Complex

Thursday, Aug. 23, 10 a.m. – Campus Recreation Center housing, Daniels Hall, Siddall Hall and University Park Apartments

View a Map of West Campus

UC’s housing capacity this fall is 4,200, and coordinators are expecting between 4,000-4,100 students to move into campus housing. UC Housing & Food Services this summer arranged to lease 140 beds at University Park Apartments to provide additional housing.

As students move back to campus, a number of UC traditions kick into gear to make the students’ move go a little more smoothly.

This fall marks the 12th year of UC’s Helping Hands program – represented by around 250 UC staff, administrators and faculty – who will be on hand to greet students, help them unload vehicles, assist with directions, answer questions and offer a cold drink of water. Since warmer temperatures were anticipated for an August move-in under the semester calendar, UC’s Housing & Food Services will be providing chilled, bottled water, rather than cups filled from water coolers – as had been offered previously during September residence hall openings.

The move will also include around 300 student volunteers representing Resident Education and Development’s Hall Opening Team (HOT). The HOT volunteers moved into the residence halls early so that they could help their peers move in to the residence halls.

Residence Hall Renovation Updates

Dabney Hall underwent $200,000 in updates over the summer that included getting seamless mattresses for all 300 beds, a continuing trend in the residence halls to eliminate hiding places for bedbugs. Dabney Hall also received new dressers and window treatments in all rooms.

Going Greek

UC’s Stratford Heights Complex is welcoming a new sorority community this fall. Gamma Phi Beta became a new sorority on campus last fall and is the third sorority to move into themed housing at Stratford Heights, joining Kappa Delta and Pi Beta Phi.

Student Food Service Updates

UC’s CenterCourt dining center underwent $200,000 in summer renovations that will increase seating capacity from 466 to 548 guests. Updates include new, red chairs, a variety of seating styles and high-top tables that overlook the basketball court in the Campus Recreation Center.

MarketPointe @ Siddall will begin a pilot program this fall that features an enhanced lunch menu. The restaurant will have a regularly featured item daily, such as chicken wings or smoothies. Beverage and dessert stations at MarketPointe were also relocated to better accommodate dining crowds. Ice capacity was added to beverage stations, which will allow diners to cool their drinks faster and cut back on waits at the ice machine. New lighting and new color was also added to the restaurant, so it will have an entirely new interior appearance this fall.

Stadium View Café is expanding its outdoor seating capacity by adding 25 seats. UC’s Housing and Food Services reports that the “to go” program introduced at Stadium View last fall will continue, following a national trend among college eateries to make meal plans more accessible and adaptable to student schedules. As many as 10 percent of Stadium View’s daily student diners enjoyed the “to go” option last year.

All combined, UC’s MarketPointe, CenterCourt and Stadium View restaurants serve more than 1.2 million meals a year, in partnership with Aramark Food Services.

Sustainability Programs

UC Food Services is expanding a sustainability program it first launched at MarketPointe @ Siddall in 2002. In addition to MarketPointe, a pipeline system to discard and recycle used cooking oil (for use as fuel) was installed at CenterCourt and Stadium View Café over the summer. The initiative also improves safety for food workers, providing cleaner spaces and eliminating moving around hot oil that was formerly stored in drums. UC’s dining centers have been dining-tray-free since 2008 to save on wasted food as well as water and chemicals used in cleaning.

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