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Cincinnati Public Schools Are Out for the Day, But R.E.C. Kids President’s Day Club Is In!

Have your kids join in on our celebration with games, arts and crafts, swimming, climbing and sports. Special treats for all children wearing red, white or blue!

Date: 2/7/2013 1:00:00 PM
By: Victoria Rogers

UC ingot   Cincinnati Public Schools will be out on President’s Day, but R.E.C. Kids Club is in! You can leave your child in the capable hands of the UC Campus Recreation Center staff for a day of patriotic arts and crafts, swimming, climbing, and sports.

R.E.C. Kids Club
Monday, February 18, 2013 • 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Registration deadline: Thursday, February 14, 2013
Members $35 per child/Non-members $45 per child
REC Kids Club

This will be the fourth year that this one-day event is held at the CRC. The R.E.C. Kids program has grown from a summer camp into a year-round endeavor. Winter and Spring Break have their own week-long events, and this one-day club provides a single day of fun for kids.

According to Drew Salvador, Assistant Director for Camps and Intramurals, “We make sure the kids get a well-rounded day. Our campers are going to get to play sports, make arts and crafts, swim, and use our climbing wall. Since a lot of the kids go to different schools, they wind up meeting new children and making some new friends.”

Along with swimming and climbing, the kids will also get to do patriotic arts and crafts, games, and sports. Over the summer, the camp can do even more with the kids. Their summer camp has weekly themes that they tie our activities into, with a big event on the last day of each week. “We’ve been able to create a lot of fun experiences for kids. My personal favorite is the home-made slip n’ slide we get to use on Sigma Sigma commons every summer,” adds Salvador.

The Rec Center is still accepting registration for this year’s Presidents’ Day Club. You can follow this link to find all of the information you’ll need to get your child signed up. Salvador closed by stating, “Since summer camp is such a driving force, I’ve always got that on my mind, but right now, I’m mainly focusing on making this Presidents’ Day Club a special one for all those involved.”

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