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Streets Surrounding UC's Uptown Campus Are Getting Brighter

UC Completes Phase I of the street lighting enhancement program and launches Phase II.

Date: 12/17/2014 12:00:00 AM
By: Michele Ralston
Phone: (513) 556-5663

UC ingot   The University of Cincinnati, in partnership with the City of Cincinnati and Duke Energy, is upgrading 356 street lights
flipping the switch
From left, Duke Energy's Jim Henning, UC President Santa J. Ono and Cincinnati City Manager Harry Black flip the switch to illuminate Classen Street.

during Phase II of its lighting enhancement initiative to improve campus and community safety. More than 300 lights were upgraded during Phase I.

“In the spring of 2013 we developed a strategic plan to guide the university’s public safety priorities and planning. New, enhanced street lighting is listed as a critical initiative within that plan,” said UC President Santa J. Ono. “Research has proven that lighter, brighter streets reduce the potential for crimes to occur.”

A total of 59 streets on and around UC’s campus are included in both phases. Yellow lights will be replaced with white LED lights that shine twice as brightly to the human eye.

"UC is a key institution and partner in the City of Cincinnati. I want to thank President Ono and Duke Energy for their commitment to this partnership which is making Cincinnati safer,” said Cincinnati City Manager Harry Black.
Before, Classen Street is dark
Classen Street before new white LED lights.

“Safety is the top priority for us at Duke Energy not only for our employees but for our customers and communities as well, so that is why we were excited to have the opportunity to partner with UC and the city on this project,” added Jim Henning, president of Duke Energy Ohio and Kentucky.

President Ono, along with Black and Henning, flipped the switch to turn on new street lights along Classen Street, marking the end of Phase I and the beginning of Phase II improvements.

In addition to enhanced street lighting, UC is expanding its police presence. Nine officers were sworn in on Nov. 19, bringing UC’s force to 51. Another 13 officers will be added in 2015. For more information about additional safety tools and resources provided by UC’s Department of Public Safety, visit
After, Classen Street is bright
Classen Street after installation of LED lights.