Financial Aid

2022-2023 Financial Aid Awards

We are pleased to offer you aid for the 2022-23 academic year. We are excited to see you continue your education at the University of Cincinnati!

Initial award offers of the year are sent as a unique webpage that includes video content along with your offered aid and projected costs.

This unique webpage remains available for 90 days or, for incoming students, until May 15, whichever comes later.

The Bearcat Portal will always show your current award offer. Any updates to your award are shown or actions you need to take (including accepting or declining aid) can done via the portal.

Specific to 2022-23

The following information is specific to 2022-23:

  • New 4/27/22:  Ohio College Opportunity Grant (OCOG), if awarded, has now been updated to $2,700 2022-23 award amount as determined by the state.
  • New 3/24/22:  Federal Pell Grant, if awarded, has now been updated based on revised Pell Grant award charts due to change in congressional appropriation.
  • Tuition costs on your award offer are estimates until the Board of Trustees set fees for the upcoming year.
  • While Selective Service Registation for males 18 years old or older is no longer required for aid eligibility, Ohio law does require it to receive in-state tuition rates.

Accessing the Bearcat Portal

Incoming students can access key information and conduct the business of being a student via the Bearcat Portal at The portal acts as your front door to other UC systems.

  • As a new student, if you have not signed on previously, search your email account using "Bearcat Portal" to find the introductory email sent to you.
  • If you have difficulty with your login, there is self-service information on recovering your username and password.
This username and password is your single signon to multiple UC systems.

You will also hear students talk about Catalyst, the University of Cincinnati student information system. The Bearcat Portal accesses Catalyst (and other UC systems) as needed to complete your activities.

You can also go directly to Catalyst at and log on using your same UC username and password.

Viewing Award & Accepting/Declining Aid

Scholarships and grants are automatically accepted when they are awarded.

For any Federal Work-Study or loan awards, you will need to take action to accept them.

  • Logon to the Bearcat Portal at
  • Go to the finances area to access your financial aid award.
  • Click to view the award and choose the appropriate aid year.
  • Accept or decline offered aid as you wish.
  • Be sure to hit "submit" after taking any action.

Also, please alert us if you anticipate aid that is not showing as part of your award offer.

Your award is generally made based on full-time attendance. Enrolling in co-op or as a part-time student for any given term this academic year can change your aid distribution.

When accepting loans, please review detailed information on loan next steps.

Tasks Checklist

You may have additional steps now or as you move through the financial aid process. These required additional steps and other important matters will be detailed via your tasks within the Bearcat Portal. These tasks are often referred to as "To Do" items.

Leaving "To Do" items incomplete can result in delays or loss of aid. Additionally, any awards made prior to completing these items are estimations of eligibility. Full determination of your award will be made once all "To Do" requirements are met.

Take action to complete items as they post to your record. Review the status of your "Tasks" each time you log into the Bearcat Portal.

Additional Options

Financial aid can assist in meeting your costs, but rarely will financial aid cover all of a student's costs. Families should review remaining costs to determine how to meet them through family finances or other means.

Even scholarship-only students are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for federal, state and institutional funding.

The UC Tuition Payment Plan, a Federal Parent PLUS loan and non-federal alternative loans are also ways families seek to meet more of their costs.

Contact Us

Incoming students are issued a UC email account following admission confirmation.

All students should regularly check their UC email account as that is where all official UC communications will be sent.

We are here to help! Contact Enrollment Services based on your campus to better understand your award offer and projected costs.

Enrollment Services

Campus Locations:
Clifton/Uptown Campus - 220 University Pavilion
UC Blue Ash Campus - 150 Muntz Hall
UC Clermont Campus - 100 Student Services Bldg