Financial Aid

Rights & Responsibilities

As a student and a financial aid recipient, you have a number of rights and responsibilities that support your educational goals. The university annually notifies students of their overall rights and responsibilities.

Financial aid recipients have an additional obligation to use the funding they receive in an ethical manner to support their educational goals. Whether you receive scholarship funding from a generous donor or loan proceeds you will repay at a later point, you are receiving assistance that carries with it an obligation to use the funding as it was intended.


You will find that this Website will offer a great deal of insight into the rights of an aid recipient. Specifically, the Student Financial Aid Office has defined the following rights that you can assure are available when seeking out and receiving financial aid.

As a financial aid recipient, you have the right to


To assist you, the Student Financial Aid Website also offers you assistance in meeting the responsibilities of being an aid recipient.

When seeking or receiving aid, you have the responsibility to

Additional Resources

Many of the policies regarding being a student are maintained by the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.

Additionally, a specific website pulls together data, policies and information you as a student have a right to know.

Students (and faculty and staff) can turn to the University Obmuds for assistance with concerns, referral of a problem, or mediation and conflict resolution services.

Receiving aid is a partnership. The Student Financial Aid Office works with you to help you achieve your educational goals while you work to comply with the requirements of the aid programs offered.