Financial Aid

Scholarship Information

Through the generosity of many donors and university resources, UC is able to offer scholarship awards to both undergraduate and graduate students. Many students are fortunate to receive awards from UC or from off-campus/outside resources.

Scholarship recipients should be aware of award limitations and their relationship to federal aid programs. In all cases, we want to make any required adjustments to other aid eligibility with the knowledge of your scholarship awards so you aren't faced with repayment issues on aid disbursed with out that knowledge.

Reporting Scholarship Awards

Students with federal aid should review their award offer and report any unlisted scholarship resources to Student Financial Aid via One Stop:

Enrollment Services
2nd floor University Pavilion; 150 Muntz Hall; 100 Student Services Building

We want your award to account for scholarships to lessen manditory changes in eligibility later. Alerting us of unlisted scholarship assistance or awards not showing for the full year will limit required aid adjustments mid-year. 

Undergraduate Awards

Many scholarship programs are directly awarded by the Student Financial Aid Office. Other awards may be offered by a college or program office on campus. But in all cases, the Student Financial Aid Office is charged with ensuring that the scholarships awarded are done so within university and federal guidelines.

Also, new students may find some of their scholarships broadly defined as a college-awarded scholarship (i.e., "Estimated CEAS-Awarded Scholarship") on their financial aid award offer. These awards are estimates and placeholders for specific funding usually sent separately to new students by the college office. The final award will replace these funds during the summer. If you are unclear of these awards, please talk with the office that awarded the funds or One Stop.

Graduate Awards

The Graduate School coordinates the awarding of scholarships by individual academic and service units to graduate and professional students. At the same time, Student Financial Aid reviews all graduate student awards to ensure federal guidelines and limitations are met when any federal aid is also being sought.

Financial Aid Awards

When scholarship students are also receiving federal aid, their scholarship awards should show as part of their online financial aid award offer. This combined listing allows for students to better understand their financial resources and Student Financial Aid to meet federal and institutional aid policies.

While scholarship awards show as accepted as part of your online financial aid award, the scholarship acceptance process may not be complete. Scholarships often have specific agreements outlining the terms and conditions of the award. These agreements accompany any letter sent by an awarding office and often need to be returned to the awarding office in order to secure the scholarship award. Failure to return any required agreement may result in a delay or loss of scholarship funding. Carefully read all communication regarding your scholarship award.

Though every effort is made to maintain compliance with federal aid and institutional scholarship policies prior to award disbursement, the speed of processes to post aid funds may require some adjustments to funding following the payment to a student bill or a refund made to the student. Please work with Enrollment Services so as to review and share your scholarship offers and their effect on aid in advance to avoid repayment issues.