Financial Aid

Loan Posting to Bill

Because loans are often a large part of anyone's aid package and financial plan for meeting their university bill and other educational costs, it is important for students (and parents) to understand the timing and actions associated with the posting of loans to the bill.

Review your bill online via Catalyst to understand your financial obligations. Students can also give other persons access to viewing and making payments to their bill via the Catalyst portal.

At the same time, plan for loan processing thresholds so as not to be too tight with financial obligations (i.e., rent due the same day your loan disburses). Being a student can take on a lot of financial obligations, and it is important to create good financial planning habits to assist you now and in the future.

Securing the Loan

You have been awarded a loan, but that does not mean you have a loan.

In addition to accepting an awarded loan, you must complete the loan process. Issues like loan entrance counseling, your master promissory note (MPN), and, in the case of a Parent or Graduate PLUS Loan, credit approval must be completed. Loan counseling and the MPN are often done once per loan type for the course of your education. That means your first year will involve more steps whereas securing a continuation of a loan in future years will more likely to occur  simply with the acceptance of an offered loan on your annual financial aid award offer.

You can always check the status of your MPN by logging back onto the MPN Website specific to your loan.

First-time UC Federal Direct Subsidized, Unsubsidized and Grad PLUS borrowers must also complete loan entrance counseling.

Anticipated Loan Amounts

Anticipated amounts for accepted loans may appear as part of your anticipated aid even it you are ultimately ineligible for the funds. That is because eligibility for loans will be determined at the time of loan disbursement, usually about 10 days prior to the start of the term. Your loan will not disburse if you are deemed ineligible for the loan at that time or you have not completed all steps for securing that loan.

Loan amounts that show on the bill may be different than you expected. Know that loans are often divided over several terms for the academic year. In particular, students planning on summer attendance will see their annual Federal Direct Loans processed over all three terms based on federal regulations.

Loan amounts will also account for fees taken out in the securing of the loan.

Disbursement Date & Loan Posting

With each Federal Direct Loan (for students or parents) secured, the borrower will receive a disclosure statement indicating the anticipated disbursement date. The disbursement dates will be noted for each segment of a multiple-term loan.

Disbursement dates are general and are based on funding being available for processing at UC. Recognize that it may take up to 48 hours for your loan to be processed when all students have the same disbursement date. Additionally, if you are not eligible for your loan on the disbursement date, your loan will be delayed from posting.

Disbursement dates are an indication of the earliest a loan could post to your bill. You can check your online bill as desired beginning with the disbursement date. However, do not contact UC about your loan if you have not completed all eligibility requirements and at least 3 working days have passed from the disbursement date to allow ample time of loan processing for all students.

Aid Not on the Bill?

Prior to the term, accepted aid will show as anticipated.

If you have questions about aid that is not posting against your online bill, always check these basic reasons to self-determine the issue:

Checking these simple steps can often assist you in understanding why aid has not posted to your bill.