Financial Aid

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Every effort is made to assist you and your family obtain the federal, state and institutional resources available to make a UC education more affordable. It is our goal to award you all funding for which you are eligible.

While we wish a loan-free education was available to all students, that is not the reality of today's financial environment. And in many cases, loans are the only resources we can make available to you. We hope that the funds offered will combine with your overall financial plan so you can meet your college costs.

Financial Aid Offers

2024-25 Awards: Awarding for the upcoming year is anticipated to begin in April. The rewrite and delay in the FAFSA is also delaying the release of applicant data to schools. We will update this information as we receive updates from the Department of Education.

2023-24 Awards: Available for students currently attending or plan to attend summer 2024.

Students are awarded based on receipt of FAFSA and, for new students, a UC admission offer. 

"To Do" items assigned to you may prevent an award offer from being made. Also, if you are awarded aid, "To Do" items can prevent aid from posting to your bill until the item is resolved.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the only formal aid application required by UC. It is used with your admission application (for new students) or your academic record (for current students) to determine your aid eligibility.

Catalyst or Bearcat Portal

Use the button below to access Catalyst, UC's student information system, or Bearcat Portal, designed for undergraduate students admitted since fall 2022. Review your "To Do" list for requirements to be met and view your award to accept offered aid.

New student seeking your UC credentials? Do a quick search of "Bearcat Portal" or "Catalyst" in your email account to locate the introductory email sent to you. 

You can also get directions on using Catalyst

NOTE:  You should turn OFF any pop-up blocker when accessing Catalyst or the Bearcat Portal.

  • View your "To Do" list for any required documents and steps needed to secure your academic year aid for the appropriate aid year.
    • Your aid "To Do" list is detailed within the "My Financials" tab once signed into Catalyst or the main page of the Bearcat Portal.
    • Items will be posted to your list as we receive your FAFSA data if there is something that is needed to complete your aid application.
    • Current students should pay attention to the "To Do" item aid year so as to complete current year requests in time for aid consideration.
    • Requested items can often be completed and submitted in the online financial aid portal. Other items can be mailed to Student Financial Aid or delivered to any of the Enrollment Services locations.
  • Use the Financial Aid Offer Glossary of Terms to assist you in better understaning your award offer.
  • Review and accept the aid offered to you once a financial aid offer is made. 
    • Financial aid awards for the upcoming year are anticipated to begin processing the final weekend of February for newly admitted freshmen and transfer students and late-March for continuing and graduate students. Awarding will continue forward with each group from that point as students apply for aid.
    • Awards for the current academic year will continue as students apply for aid or complete aid processes.
    • Financial aid will not show as anticipated on your term bill if you have not accepted the funding offered.
    • While accepted aid may show as anticipated on your term bill, students have to meet individual eligibility requirements for aid sources at the time of disbursement to the bill and when re-evaluated during the initial weeks of the term.
  • Summer will not be part of your award at this time. 
    • Students who will attend classes summer will be awarded their aid eligibility remaining for this academic year once they are registered for summer.

Following Aid Acceptance

Your aid, once accepted, will show on your student bill as a credit or an anticipated credit when you are enrolled in classes for the given term.

Be sure you meet eligibility criteria for funds to post to your bill. In particular, co-op students and students attending part-time should review how their aid may be affected by their enrollment. 

Additionally, there are specific regulations surrounding when loan funds can process

Students should review their financial aid offer by term amounts and project their out-of-pocket expenses. Only a detailed review of your anticipated bill and financial aid award can fully prepare you for your remaining educational costs -- both billed and unbilled.

Maintaining Eligibility

Your aid is intended to help you reach your academic degree goals. As such, it is important to make sure your coursework applies to your academic program.

Students who attend part-time or on co-op may see some aid sources adjusted as the beginning of the academic year approaches and once each term begins.

Withdrawal from individual courses or a complete withdrawal can drastically affect your aid for that term or future terms. Your grades and completion rate determine your academic progress toward your degree.