Financial Aid

Available Aid

When you hear the term “financial aid,” what comes to mind? For many people, their first thought is scholarships. Scholarships are indeed one form of financial aid, but financial aid also includes grants, loans, and federal work-study. Your financial aid offer may include any one, or a combination, of these funding sources.

Your FAFSA determines your eligibility for the different types of federal financial aid. We also review your admissions application for certain types of institutional aid. Based on these items, we will provide you with a financial aid offer, which you can view via your Catalyst portal.

Scholarships and grants are sources of "free" money, meaning they do not need to be repaid. There are various types of scholarships and grants available to students here at UC.

Loans are considered a source of "self-help" money, due to the fact that they must be repaid. There are also various types of loans available that may appear on your financial aid offer.

Federal Work-Study funds are earned through employment and come to you as a paycheck, just like any other job. For eligible students, there are opportunities for both on-campus and off-campus employment in these positions.