Financial Aid

Community Work-Study for Non-UC Employers

While most Federal Work-Study (FWS) students are employed on-campus, many other FWS-eligible students from the University of Cincinnati can work for non-profit organizations in a variety of capacities.

The Community Work-Study Program allows eligible non-profit organizations to set the student salary within comparable rates yet only pay 25% of the earnings. The FWS program pays the remaining 75%.

Federal Work-Study Overview

This federally-supported work program is part of a student's financial aid package. It began as an on-campus training program and has grown to be used for both on- and off-campus employment.

  • FWS is available to students who have financial need.
  • FWS is limited, but the Student Financial Aid Office will make every attempt to qualify as many students for the program as possible based on available funding levels.
  • FWS provides students the opportunity to work part-time so as to earn funds that can help pay for their cost of education and, whenever possible, reduce reliance on student loans.
  • FWS supports non-profit organizations by mandating that a minimum of 7% of the total allocation spent at UC will be spent on job opportunities in the non-profit sector.

The Community Work-Study Program at UC is administered by the Student Financial Aid Office in partnership with the Center for Community Engagement to promote public service work in the community. The goal of the program is to provide students with a meaningful service and learning experience relevant to their interests while supporting and enhancing the work of non-profit organizations. The program is available both during the academic year as well as during the summer.

Benefits to Community Organizations

In addition to providing workers at an attractive cost savings to non-profit employers, the Community Work-Study Program encourages employment for longer periods of time than traditional volunteers of service-learning students. The continuity of employment helps both the student worker and the organization.

Additionally, Federal Work-Study students can give direct service through organizations as well as coordinate other students or volunteers in service roles.

The Community Work-Study program gives non-profits access to talented students with needed knowledge and skills. These students often can explore their own interests as they continue their education and perhaps plan for a career more centered on public service or non-profit employment.

Getting Started

Non-profit organizations will work closely with the Student Financial Aid Office's FWS Senior Advisor to determine eligibility, post employment opportunities, and complete appropriate contract and payroll responsibilities.

We have detailed the process step-by-step and answered many of your questions regarding the program.

Whether you are seeking to begin the process of employing students through the Community Work-Study Program or are continuing employment from previous years, your point of contact is the Federal Work-Study Program Manager in Student Financial Aid.

Get assistance with determining if your agency is eligible for work-study hiring, reviewing a specific student case or answering FWS payroll-related matters from our Federal Work-Study Senior Advisor at 513-556-6837.