Financial Aid

Non-Work-Study Job Search

While the Student Financial Aid Office is not involved with students seeking employment beyond Federal Work-Study, we know that working on-campus is a great way to become better connected to the campus community. Of course, employment of any kind assists students in meeting their educational costs. Therefore, we have provided this basic information to assist students who have not been awarded Federal Work-Study as part of their financial aid package.

Working while a student, particularly on-campus, can offer many advantages. Just remember that you are a student first. So limit your hours and work to balance them with your academics.

If you have worked while in school before, you already have a sense of this balancing act. A good rule of thumb in starting out is around 10 hours of work a week. But keep in mind that each program and each student's individual academic needs vary.

Of course, co-op offers an expanded student employment program within your field of study and tied to your academic requirements.

Departmental Employment

Student employment other than through Federal Work-Study is often called departmental employment. The title indicates that the department (rather than Federal Work-Study) is covering the student wages.

Any UC student can seek departmental employment. The only restriction is that a student must be registered for coursework for the term they are employed (or the upcoming fall in cases of summer employment when not registered for summer).

On-Campus Job Search

All student employment for UC is available in Handshake

Additional jobs will be added as employers post them so you may wish to check the site regularly. While most jobs are posted in August/September (for the academic year) and April/May (for summer), jobs are listed throughout the year.

Any student seeking to return to a past student position should contact their previous employer for details on the hiring process.

Off-Campus Student Employment

There are many options available near campus for students seeking employment. Simply watch for posted signs or inquire at local shops and restaurants for employment opportunities.

Additionally, within Experience-Based Learning and Career Education (ELCE), there are programs that specifically assist students prepare for employment. ELCE is located on the 7th floor of Steger Center. They can also be reached by calling 513-556-2667.