Financial Aid

Search for Scholarships

We know that coming into college can require a lot of steps. One step we want to reduce is applying for incoming student UC scholarships. We work to seek you out based on your admission application for scholarship awards.

There is a tile in Catalyst, the UC student information system, for searching scholarships. You can explore UC scholarships as well as many non-UC opportunities via that search once you get your UC log-on credentials after being admitted to UC. The following button will also take you to that search tool.

Inclusion within the scholarship search engine does not imply a relationship with or endorsement of non-UC entities, their products or services, or advertisements on individual web sites.             

Utilize Resources

Scholarships are available from many sources including high schools, places of worship, civic groups, and parents' employers. We recommend that you check with your high school guidance counselor, the reference section of your library, and organizations in your hometown. The Internet, by using the key word "scholarship" in a search or by visiting suggested scholarship sites, can be a great resource.

At the same time, there are those persons or agencies that might appear to be helpful as you seek funding for college. Use caution and follow suggested tips any time someone asks you for money to assist in your scholarship or aid process.

It takes some research to find scholarship opportunities, but it can be worth the effort and time required.