Financial Aid

Complete Loan Self-Certification

Alternative loan borrowing requires the completion and submission to your lender of a Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification Form.

Remember that increasing your loan debt while in school will limit your opportunities while in repayment since more of your future income will go toward this increased debt.

Use loans sparingly and borrow wisely.

Applying for Aid

Students should complete the appropriate year FAFSA and have a financial aid award (unless otherwise not eligible for aid) before pursuing a private educational loan.

Students who are non-matriculated (i.e., non-degree seeking). do not meet academic progress standards, or seeking to pay off a past balance in order to enroll may not be eligible for federal aid but may be eligible for an alternative loan. Such students should be clear with a potential lender if these situations exist to ensure eligibility for the selected alternative loan.

Self-Certification and Key Data

You will complete the self-certification differently depending on what academic year you wish the loan to address.

  • Print the Self-Certification PDF.
  • You will then need to contact Enrollment Services at, 513-556-1000, or via walk-in at your campus service center location to get the information for Section 2 Items A and B.
  • Alert the staff member as to why you are requesting this information and the timeframe for the alternative loan so as to be sure to get the appropriate data for the form.