Financial Aid

Getting Started

The Community Work-Study Program allows eligible non-profit organizations to hire students through the Federal Work-Study Program. Federal Work-Study is a student aid program offered through the Student Financial Aid Office.

Community Work-Study is administered and managed by UC Student Financial Aid Office in partnership with the UC Center for Community Engagement.

Through this program, eligible non-profit employers can hire student employees yet only pay 25% of their earnings. The FWS program pays the remaining 75%.

The Federal Work-Study Senior Advisor (513-556-6837) in Student Financial Aid is available to get assistance with determining if your agency is eligible for work-study hiring, reviewing a specific student case or answering FWS payroll-related matters.

The Senior Advisor handles Community Work-Study contracts, job postings, timesheets and payroll, employment status, billing organizations for their portion of payroll, and remaining balance of student's earnings eligibility.

Employer's Manual & Program Overview

Before completing any forms, please request and read a copy of the Federal Work-Study Employer’s Manual: Community Service Employment.

This 12-page how-to manual includes an overview of the program; guidelines for student eligibility, pay, and hours worked; employer responsibilities; and answers to frequently asked questions. Reviewing the manual should help your organization determine how best to utilize the Community Work-Study program.

Step-by-Step Process of Participating

The first time you seek to employ a work-study student, you will need to complete a contract with the Student Financial Aid Office prior to posting a job listing. Once you have a contract on file, you may continue to add work-study positions as needed by completing the job description information and following the hiring process.

STEP 1 - Submit Proposal: In order to become a Community Work-Study Employer, please submit the following to the FWS Senior Advisor by email:

  • Organization Details
    • Name of Organization
    • Address
    • Web site (if available)
    • Contact Person
    • Telephone Number
    • Fax Number
    • Email Address
  • IRS Letter of Non-Profit Status or IRS Tax ID
  • Information about the organization (include mission statement, if available)
  • Position Details
    • Job Title for Student Employee
    • Job Description
    • Minimum Qualifications
    • Hourly Pay Rate
    • Shift: Days Needed
    • Shift: Hours Needed
  • Proposed Start Date
  • Supervisor’s Name
    • Supervisor’s Phone Number
    • Supervisor’s Email Address

STEP 2 - Contract Prepared: Upon receipt of the information and approval of eligibility, a contract will be drawn up for your organization and mailed to you to be signed. You will return both copies to Student Financial Aid.

STEP 3 - Job Posted: Once the contract is signed and returned, your organization’s job(s) can be posted at Handshake.

  • A copy of your contract will be returned to you, along with a pay calendar and either instructions for the UCFlex payroll process or a timesheet. 
  • You will also be provided directions on posting your job in Handshake.
    • All job postings should clearly note that the position is off campus and list your jobsite address.
    • Postings should also indicate that "Student must be Federal Work-Study-eligible to be hired."

STEP 4 - Students Apply: As students apply for the position, you will be provided with eligible FWS students’ applications. You will  then arrange for interview(s) and make selection(s) based on your determined process.

STEP 5 - Hire Student: Once you have made your selection(s), please notify the FWS Senior Advisor. The student will be contacted by the Senior Advisor to complete the FWS and UC hiring processes so that they can then begin work for you.

Payroll Records

Students hired will need access to a computer to clock in/out through UCFlex or will need to use their mobile phone to do so.

As an off-site employer, it is also your responsibility to manage payroll submissions according to the provided payroll schedule and maintain supporting payroll documentation for a period of 5 years after employment of the student.